I'm still blown away by it

While I understand some people’s frustration with SU5, it’s getting pretty tedious going through these posts and seeing the same comments about Asobo dumbing down the graphics to appease Xbox users. We get it. Show me one thread where that’s not mentioned. Give it a rest already.

I did 3 flights today. Over New Zealand and middle earth, Danang to Hi Chi Minh, and Ho Chi Minh to Phuket, Thaland. I was simply blown away by what I was seeing on my computer screen. Now remember FSX and Xplane. I think you get my jist. Enjoy the sim. Relax. Things will get fixed.


Five system updates so far. That’s the most commonly written thing after each one. Perhaps they should stop breaking things first so no one will have to write that same sentence after SU6?


Too many bugs which make this sim unrealistic at all. And with only the beautiful sceneries won’t change a ‘game’ to a sim. So I don’t know how I can enjoy it at this moment.:thinking::flushed:


Here’s what makes me laugh…

October 2020: “This is ALL eye candy! All they care about is graphics! The performance is dreadful!”

July 2021: “The graphics have been compromised for higher performance! It’s all the fault of dumbing down for X-Box!”

And my favorite, after every update so far: “This is an arcade game, not a simulator!”

Same voices, different day.

In the meantime, I’ve been flying the PMDG DC-6B at 10,500’ or 11,500’ (depends which way I’m headed) and enjoying butter smooth performance and great graphics. So, I’m enjoying flying a complex aircraft at VFR altitudes and looking at the “eye candy.”

I’ve had no CTD events. No stutters, freezes, hangs, or hiccups either.

Some of my third-party aircraft are currently broken, but the DC-6 and the C140 (Aeroplane Heaven) both work just fine. I’ve heard the Stearman is fine too, but I haven’t flown it since SU5+hotfix.

Next update it’ll be the same; rinse and repeat. I guess I’ll just continue to enjoy this pretty cool arcade game! :slight_smile:


PC I’m sure this sim can only get better.


PMDG was really on top of it pushing the update out for the DC-6 to ensure it was compatible. They even released a hotfix a day later cleaning it up even more. Very impressive from them for sure. I am patiently waiting of FlyByWire to release an update so these CTD can be gone but seems to be taking a while.

Curious, will you also be getting the 737 NG3? Super excited for it and hope they keep this level of updates with this aircraft as well! Happy Flying!

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Tens of thousands? …

I am too am amazed on the difference this Update has made for my system. Mid range running all high settings before, now am able to run Ultra…some sceneries I had issue with FPS before but now like butter…yeah I get random CTD’s too but the one that do work are amazing!!

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I play the game on a high end Laptop and thankfully had no CTD . But the game looks extremely awesome . It never looked so beautiful before . It makes me fly again and again . I pray Asobo doesn’t revert back the graphics .


This is what makes me chuckle the most about the much trumpeted power of the new generation Xbox.

It’s basically got the power of a 2 year old laptop

11 Best Flight Simulators to Pilot at Home (2021) | Heavy.com

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I have ‘played’ on flight sim since 1996. I was amazing then as much as it is jaw dropping today. It’s expanded my imagination and appreciation of world geography and it has increased my interest in aircraft and engineering. The flood of negativity and vitriol on this forum is typical of anything new - I’ve read similar comments on the forums regarding the Tesla car - so you should take it all with a pinch of salt, and take a deep breath before expending to much valuable energy on replying to anyone here.

Asobo and Microsoft et al have produced a real gem with this version of MSFS, be it for the PC or Xbox ( BTW I’m in my late sixties, and a first time console purchaser with my Xbox X. I couldn’t justify a top end PC for my hobby so the Xbox was a no brainer!). I do feel that these two groups will do well together - in time - for now there is a difference in how they perceive each other, but ultimately this alliance will benefit both.

A++ and keep up the good effort!

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This is what I’m getting with high end specs. Unbelievable.


That is not what I get. Something must be screwed up for a number of users.

PMDG is a class act all around. Their forum is good too. I’m very impressed, and quite hopeful for the future of MSFS.

Honorable Mentions to Aeroplane Heaven and Just Flight too; both very good publishers. The AH C140 works just fine in SU5, and I’d expect updates from JF as soon as the dust settles. :slight_smile:

I’ll likely purchase pretty much anything from PMDG moving forward. The models they produce are amazing.


Every sim out there is a game, remember that.

Well, asking for realistic is that too much for a game so call flight sim? If the developers can’t make a flight sim then don’t call it or pretend it was and grabbed money from customers which they are not supposed to.

It’s visually more realistic than any of the other flightsim games could ever hope to be. Not getting your point.

@Caramago24 did you make a cutout screenshot ? What render scaling and screen are you using ?

Also you have great hardware, according to your profile !

I would advise to have a look at the LOD-scaling tweak, it will cost some FpS but the terrain LOD really improves… you have more view too… and (possibly) more sharpness… but I’m not sure if the blurry image is a result of LOD… or something else. it could be drone camera zoomin… or using 1044 on 4k… and then cutting it out… try this,

We need or we are piloting aircrafts in this “Game” and obviously we are not birds. So visually beautiful or realistic is just not enough. Hope you can understand :rofl::crazy_face: