Immersion breaker? (tug tipped over my aircraft)

My last flight ended at the gate and all was well until I called for a tug. Well it came quickly to push me back but instead went through my left wing and then fuselage before tipping my Baron over on its back, never done that before :grinning:
Normally it does not bother and just drives through, maybe tugs are more real than before.


That is actually very common in the real world. What is the issue here ?

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I didn’t know that.

I recently showed MSFS to some friends and family, seeing it for the first time they were amazed with the overall visuals… but that impression quickly turned to “Why?”

Why can’t the tug find the front wheel of the plane?
Why does it only find the wheel after the workers walk through the propellers and wings?
Why do they push the plane in to the side of buildings and parked trucks?
Why do the taxi ribbons go off the end of the runway when the yellow taxi line goes on to the runway?
Why is there an A320 floating 50 feet above the taxiway?
Why is there a cessna spinning on its back at about 20 rpm?
Why does everything in the sim not know where anything else is?

I just laughed and said ‘don’t you know that’s what really happens at airports?’


Great to hear that. In the early days of ground services the fuel trucks skating along the tops of concrete barriers was one of my favourites and when it happened made me watch where it was going and what it was going to do next.

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Why do ground crew walk in into the airplane while you are being guided to parking?
Why do ground vehicles cut you off?
Why are there only two ATC workers over the entire planet?
Why does ground tell you to hold position when there is no air traffic in sight?
Why do other airplanes vanish on the ground?
Why are there never other airplanes taking off? Seriously, in 200 hours of flying, I think I have seen two or 3 others take off. I’d understand zero better.


I had a tug take so long dancing around in front of the wheel one time, I just decided to leave only to notice the airplane felt “funny”. On takeoff I couldn’t get up to speed and then pitched forward. It was then I realized the tug was attached.


Absolutely hilarious.
Edit: Did you check the total load weight and balance :rofl:

Lol, I did not but I was actually impressed by the sim for responding like something was really wrong. I was also having to provide way more throttle than normal while taxing.

I was in a Bonanza and not really sure how a Bonanza would handle with a tug. Would a Bonanza even use a tug? I figure IRL you would just push it if needed.

Road traffic is submerged in some places or flyng over the concrete…
This isn’t very immersive too… :rofl:

That is impressive, I mean realising something that is not part of the aircraft actually felt heavier.

And it does 180 turns on itself.

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I had a bug once where I had spawned a Caravan at KSFO, requested pushback, and forgotten that I had done that. I started to taxi out to the runway, and noticed when I was moving about I noticed how sluggish my controls were. As I stopped at one point, the pushback tug, and driver appeared out from under me just to my right, and scared the hell out of me. I then stopped pushback! It must have been a long way back for him, and I regret not using the drone camera to capture that journey.

We are getting a lot of memories coming out. That is good, entertaining.

I quite often thought about the ground services and especially the pushback trucks in MSFS.
I think that (while still way better than in FSX!) we’d need more types.

  1. Braking the immersion starts for me with communicating with delivery about pushback actions. It would be fine to request the pushback on COM1 but everything else would not be done that way. Imho the Tug should get an automatically created route as the ATC system knows which routes the aircraft will take - the tug should just start pushing back the aircraft, out of the gate into the correct direction of travel. There is no need at all to provide directions through COM as pilots of airliners anyway won’t see where they are going on backing up…
  2. On light GA aircraft (like the Cub and lighter) we don’t need a tug device - one or two people pushing or pulling the aircraft would do the job.
  3. There are two tug types currently missing: a tractor with towbar for airliners, especially smaller ones like the CRJ and a simple offroad vehicle with a towbar for taildraggers.
  4. The speed of ground services is way too high - pushbacks are done instantly after connecting. Irl the aircraft has to be lifted/connected to a bar, equipment has to be removed and wing walkers have to get in place.
  5. Wing walkers are in general missing during pushback, it’s just the truck which is visible.

On configuration end more services could easily be added to the [SERVICES] section of aircraft.cfg - for full features I’d like to see (while still keeping in mind there will be GSX) these changes would be feasible:

CARGO_LOADER ← ULD loader already in game as a vehicle without loading animation
GROUND_POWER_UNIT ← should have an actual function (GND PWR only available if GPU or Jetway is connected)
PUSHBACK ← 1 = for default towbarless tug, 2 for towbar version, 3 for both randomly (20% chance of towbarless tug)
SMALL_PUSHBACK ← 1 = default solution now for all small aircraft or OR vehicle, 2 = taildragger (approaching from the opposite way), 0 on all pushbacks = manual pushback (pilot and copilot displayed outside of aircraft pushing at wings and walking)

Note: datatype would needed to be changed from bool to integer for this to work as compact as shown :slight_smile:

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