Immersion ideas based on time and temperature

Little things, but can really add to the immersion!

Have a setting in menu for “realistic” environment factors

  • Lights on baseball fields, tracks, etc. turn off after like 10pm. Also not on when temperature is < 40 F (4.5 C)? Except major football stadiums (USA).

  • House lights start turning off after 9pm sliding scale factor, later it gets more lights go off.

  • System will reduce leisure boats when temp < 45 F (7 C), sliding scale to NO leisure boats when temp < 32 F (0 C).

  • Fall/ winter effects such as ice on smaller lakes if temp < 25F. Also condensation exhaust due to temperature, etc.

VR. This is all


And helicopters.


I like those ideas for immersion. I’ve always thought about implementing real world traffic congestions and marine traffic. I created my own here:

  1. Accumulating and dissipating snow based on temperature, sunlight, and plowed roads over time

  2. Historical weather, shared user themes, location sorting filter based on weather type (REX)

  3. Add flight service stations and Pilot-Controlled lighting to ATC operation

  4. Pre-flight weather briefings using radar and the help of AI Flight Service Stations

  5. Multiplayer PIREP’s added to METAR’s, ATIS, Weather Briefings, and Flight Service Stations

  6. Add GTA animations like people in parks, streets, cities, beaches based on season and weather

  7. Wind needs to affect the trees and grass the same way it effects the windsock

  8. 3D buildings in large cities should emit brighter lights at night that bloom

  9. World map layers show traffic for marine, road, AI-air, multiplayer, and real-world air traffic

  10. Voice-Activated ATC, better AI, and voices replicating real-world pilots and controllers

  11. Ability to listen to real-world ATIS on COMM radio when using real-world time & weather

  12. Ability to listen to live ATC on COMM radio when using real-world traffic

  13. Add a mixture of real-world traffic and flight schedules which fits you into the action via AI

  14. Marine traffic based on a mix of regional AI, body of water type, and real live maritime data

  15. Real damage model which breaks pieces off the plane and shows real crashes and physics

  16. Integrated community forums, shared screenshots, VOIP, and lobbies built into sim menu

  17. Shared challenges, user-created missions, career flights, downloadable flights, liveries

  18. Multiple UI themes with moving graphics, gifs, aviation sounds, ATC chatter in background

  19. Ability to listen to real-world ATC in menus

  20. SDK open-source for user-created and publicly voted world enhancement & 3D object tweaks

  21. Addition of radio towers, street light poles, and power line height obstacles

  22. Water better represents its body of water (still lakes, rough oceans)

  23. Light pollution in congested areas will provide a concentrated light bloom in the distance

  24. Game modes, career, missions, training, sightseeing, short hops, long hauls, cargo

  25. Seasonal terrain textures, 3D objects, sky colors, cloud sharpness, weather themes

  26. Improve wave and tides based on current weather and weather offshore (hurricanes)

  27. Atmospheric blur and light twinkle in distance to represent scattering and humidity

This of course is only after everything else is fixed!


I’m surprised how many stars I can see in Toronto, New York and Chicago.

I think it would be a good idea to add an option for light pollution in the mix. In real life, we don’t get to see all these stars in major cities.


I think light pollution is already represented to a degree. The aerosol density and the way the night lights kind of reflect off the clouds make denser areas seem lighter versus darker at night in the rural areas (e.g. KISP on Long Island versus 4B6 Ticonderoga, Upstate New York)

I was more referring to the bloom on the horizon in the distance representing a major city. In reality, when flying into New York City at night from say, the southeast, you will see what looks like a wildfire on the horizon from 200 miles away if its clear.

It could be because I was running at a lower setting. I don’t really see the stars as easily anymore.

  • Add VOR/NDB/DME 3D models on the Navaids location data. Same for LOC/ILS structures, and some antennas
  • Add power lines
  • Option to hear other players interacting with the ATC on MP mode
  • Flood lights on airport aprons

Definately better airport apron lighting, its so unrealistic at the moment, you can hardly see the terminal buildings and other aircraft are just black silhouettes until you get too close.


Better Open Street Map data implementation by autogen, frequent updates, user requested updates.
Problem extensively described here: Wrong autogen buildings and map data improvement idea

Better road and rail traffic. Cars zipping about, disappearing and no rail traffic at all take from the VFR immersion.

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  • Don’t the sunrise and sunset colours vary depending on atmosphere pollution, humidity, altitude, and temperature? Thought I recall that the simulator tracks pollution. Would be great to have a huge variation of sky colour upon sunrise and sunset, instead of the “Mars-like” reddish every morning/night.

  • Turbulence - most time early morning has more stable air than toward afternoon and at times gets even worse later the day gets especially in areas with cumulus clouds.

Immersion effects Like in the following Video would be nice:

Would be great if clouds would reflect landing lights. On real live cockpit videos we can see, when an airplane enters a cloud (night time) the cloud reflects the landing lights . That would be nice to have in fs2020.