Implement telemetry collection system to track regressions

You can see a similar system in place for Robert Space Industry’s Star Citizen RSI Public Telemetry

The data is publicly available which allows transparency to the users but is also actively used by developers to track how releases are impacting people.

Features that could help both developers and the community:

Simulator Metrics

  1. Stability index/metric that tracks how often the game crashes to the desktop. This could be implemented naively by tracking start/stop times or leveraging something like the Windows Diagnostics or other framework.
  2. Performance distribution data correlated with various dimensions including aircraft type, object density data, e.g. performance over sparse vs dense areas, and player density to provide a non-exhaustive list of possibilities.
  3. Aircraft stability metrics, for example detection of oscillations when the autopilot is engaged as a means of tracking regressions or stability issues.
  4. Aircraft flight time/preference to allow developers to see what aircraft are being flown the most or least. This could be used with performance or stability metrics to identify aircraft that are not flown because of issues.
  5. Event counts of when the simulator fails to load wind data, traffic, download scenery, etc.
  6. Simulator cache (both streaming and user-defined) failures to download, cache load errors, and cache load distribution times.

Simulator Flight Online Metrics

  1. Download speeds by availability zone and client network over time
  2. Error rates and latency distributions from the load balancer in with a specified SLO
  3. Failures to download AI traffic, terrain, weather, and other data by in-sim area, and by real-world client geolocation, ASN (ISP), and server cluster

We can’t even see the results of surveys for game updates. It’s only visible to staff. We already hit a wall 2 sentences into your request.

I added my vote anyway. Good luck.

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