Implementation of a second monitor in VR

Having a second monitor has always been a great handy electronic flight bag. Its great for charts, checklists, maps, etc.

It’ll be great to have way to incorporate a second monitor as a collapsible window such as the atc or the vfr window into VR

I would make it a tablet you can stick on the passenger seat or on the yoke.


Precisely, that’ll be fantastic

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Littlenavaid can deliver a great deal of ground information

I was hoping to be able to bring in my desktop, I would like to use the apps I’m already paying for

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This! I’d love an “iPad” within the sim on the yoke or whatever that we could use just like a real iPad (Windows tablet/Android tablet fine too). Fully immersive but allowing access to all the charts etc. that we need.

In the meantime, WMR VR already implements a windows that can be moved and resized in windows 10. If on steam, there is a couple of VR overlay programs that will allow it too. All of these are a bit wonky though, at least the last time I tried.