Implementation of the wrong analog instrument in the cockpit of the Cessna Grand Caravan

This is the image that best describes the situation. The analog instrument is probably the copy of the instrument from the Cessna 172 Skyhawk. :face_with_monocle:

The C208 Improvement mod fixes this.

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As @Sling380 said. If you’re flying the default C208 you’re not livin’ life right. Head over to and pick up the C208 Community Mod, then to the in-game marketplace for the (also free) G1000NXi by the Working Title folks.

A community mod is offered in the official forum as a solution? Who is probably not right in life should be clear, I certainly not.
Something like this should be fixed immediately.

I agree it should be fixed but it certainly will not be immediately. The solution is out there right now if you want it but if you are happy to wait for MIcrosoft then best get comfortable. Just trying to be helpful.


Yeah, I wouldn’t expect that any time soon. You’re best off with the community modified files. I am not a Microsoft spokesperson. I’m just a simmer.