Import Active Win-10 Window into VR cockpit

I would like to be able to bring an active Win-10 window from my PC into the VR cockpit.

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With WMR you can pin a window in the WMR environment and then enter the game. It will stay with you.

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if u use steam and steam vr then there is Desktop+ app which can bring any windows in the VR where u want, but not sure we can act on the windows, at least we can see them.

Thank you for your suggestions :0)
I bought MSFS from the Windows store so I’d rather not redirect it via Steam even if that is possible. I will see if I can follow the WMR suggestion.

OVR Toolkit for Steam VR.
Having bought from Windows store doesn’t affect which runtime you use, what headset you have does.

You might want to search the forum, there are many other discussions about this with lots of tips, workarounds, solutions.

Thank you :0) The OVR tool looks very well made. I tried it out and when I bridged my system to Steam VR I lost a significant framerate immediately, even before I got as far as trying the VR tool out. I had more success using the built-in VR ‘pinning’ method provided by Oculus although the window is more of an overlay than an actual window. This will probably be enough in the short term.

Yes, I will search the forum for more information, there seem to be a lot of helpful people here.

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