Impossible starting cold & dark on parking lot

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Whatever aircraft,whatever airport location, even without any assistance (true to life) it is impossible staying cold & dark on a parking/gate location
The engine(s) is started automatically and, worse, it is impossible to cut it off, switches and levers go back alone to the working position if attempt to put them off.

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Not possible just now becauseI am trying to make a reinitialization that requires to re download 127Go of data and it is a PITA because it will take hours even with a fiber connection…

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select any airport, any aircraft, make a departure from a parking/gate and click fly
Once on situation, the engine(s) is started and impossible to cut off

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Are you on the Steam or Microsoft Store version?
MS store
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I begin to be really fed up with having paid more than 100 euros to play the beta tester to MS and ASOBO…

Have you made sure the AI pilot is in no way activated/used and all flight assists are off. Also that you are using the modern flight model not legacy. Not saying these are your problem but worth a look.

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i am
in modern flight no assistance and i am trying to check the ctl alt x with no success

spent a full day reloading 127Go witj same problem ……

Unplug all your joystick and periphery etc. See if you can start only using the mouse …

For simplicity take the C172.

I will try that yesterday but I really don’t see the relationship as far as I have suppressed the CTRL ALT X command from control list…so no unwanted command is sent by yokes ….additionally, the AI pilot button in the flight assistant seems to be inverted… I can cut off manually the auto started engine only if the AI pilot button is blue which would indicate it is ON???

Finally I fixed the problem thanks to all

Great. And it would be nice if you could share how you fixed it. So others having the same problem can get this information.


yes of course sorry about that so in fact I had programmed the auto start to button 25 of the throttle of my warthog. For an unknown reason this command was being sent every time i started a flight. As I had forgotten this affectation and I cancelled the command CTRL E from the keyboard control I didn’t imagine this could occur while it was ok even few weeks ago. So the game suddenly trapped the « on « status somewhere i don’t know why… suppressing the button 25 sélection solved the problem. This cost me a whole day of reload of data after a réinitialisation and know I encounter another problem because installation of FBW32X though their installer is no more seen by FS and a separate A320 is no more created …, so I have another topic to investigate …probably the file is created in the wrong community folder following the re init because i don’t see either the custom liveries and i have to correct this ….it is an endless search of bugs with this SW…


This is one example of why we would often ask someone to remove any, and all external components that are not absolutely necessary. Preferably back to mouse/keyboard only if it comes to it.

In this case it would have identified one of your controllers as the culprit.

while in this precise case the fault is on my side ….tank you for all

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well of course this would have to be done one by one to be effective … taking a lot of time as I have many ….additionally yoke , rudder pedals and throttle seems USB peripheral quite essentials for me using a flight sim … better to understand why a button that has 2 states has been seen always in the same by the sim …