Impossible to pushback on some airports

I was flying from SBFI and there was now way to pushback the plane, in this case an A320 Fly By Wire.

It was the first airport I found this problem. There was no tug, ramp, power, etc on this airport and “shift + P” didn’t work nor the ground services (there was none available).

I even tried using the EFB on the Airbus but it seems to depend on the Tug.

Is this a problem with some airports or it is just this one? Anybody else had this problem?

Wondering if I am going to have this problem in some less busy airports.

SHIFT + P has always worked for me. Are you 100% you didn’t have your parking brake engaged?

Does it work on the default A320?

I must have done something wrong or was a one time problem. I tried again and “shift + P” worked.

Please mark solved.

And it you are in a jet with reverse thrust, you can use that to back away from the gate, like they used to do in the old days.