Improve/enhance weekly Development Updates

I think weekly Development updates should be a great time to communicate with the community on a really open and transparent bases and also highlight the progress that is being made behind the scenes. I don’t think the Development updates are currently being used to their full advantage and I would like to suggest a tweak to their format that includes the following:

:arrow_forward: Feedback Snapshot

Every week, we are often getting the same images of the feedback snapshot which tends to be a copy and paste from week to week and brings nothing really new to us each Development update.

My suggestion would be that for the most highly voted bugs, maybe let’s say the top 3 or more if it allowed for it, a slightly more detailed summary is given regarding the current state of that bug and the progress that’s being made. Even if no really specific details can be shared from that week, even just a general feel of how things are progressing and moving along would be really good. Or maybe a screenshot of a bug fix or feature tease with a line of text to accompany it?

I think that this structure of report would serve much more useful and provide a better level of two-way communication with the community than the same screenshots of the feedback snapshots every week. It would allow us as the user-base to see some of the progress being made and keep everyone energised and engaged for future improvements/updates.

:arrow_forward: Add a ‘thoughts from the developers’ section

I think it would be really interesting to have a brief section about how the developers week has progressed, even if it’s just a few brief lines about what they’ve enjoyed working on the most that week or what they’re excited about coming along for us.

Again I think this would really provide a better feeling of two-way communication with the community.

:arrow_forward: Sim Update overview

When there has been a major sim update, I think the Development update that follows would benefit from having an area that talks about how the sim update was received and any major issues which arose. That way, when issues occur like we have seen with previous sim updates, it would provide some much needed re-assurance to the community that the dev team are aware of it. It would also help to reduce multiple repeat posts and bug reports.

These are just a few ideas I thought I would throw out there to help make better use of the weekly development updates.

Best wishes.

Yes I think that’s a great idea! I will add that into the main post. This would be really good, such as a feature tease or preview or even just an example of a bug that’s been fixed/worked on.

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I’m happy with the current format… the developer QA is what I look forward to the most. If you follow that you have a good idea of current and future development progress.

That’s fair enough. This is just a wishlist so of course not everyone will want what is suggested here :slight_smile:

The updates are abysmal in their current state. You know it’s bad when the picture contest is the best part of a DEVELOPMENT UPDATE.

I think part of the problem is that a weekly update is too much to keep up with so they’ve fallen into this copy/paste format that’s incredibly shallow and lacking in detail.

I’d happily trade the weekly update in its current state for a monthly update that has some actual thought behind it.

Not holding my breath.