Improve Visibility For Multiplayer Aircraft So They Don't Disappear

Then it looks like it has a huge hitbox. or a 3D space that’s mostly empty space than actual model being rendered.

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When flying in tight formation, its often an issue where the others in the formation will start to fade away when you get close to them, even when you are in a stable formation. There should be an option to turn this off and allow the models to clip for those tight formations to be possible.

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Support, my formation skills are too good for this sim.


This feature does have one benefit. On livestream, when someone is being annoying by parking their 747 right in the way of a shot, just move into them, and they disappear. From your own viewpoint, at least.

This is a version of what happens to me at work and could explain a lot. Whenever I want somebody to do something, they just disappear. Is there a fix for this as well?


Correct, I believe that it’s absurd having such a nice multiplayer possibility but with this plane “fade-out” effect as more you get close.

Also, I’ve noticed that on some planes the “fade-out” distance seems not directly linked to aicraft dimensions.

I really hope Asobo is listening and will remove this annoying behaviour ASAP, at least introducing a on/off setting in the menu.

Of course, like it is now, it simply kills any close formation flying possibility and it is a huge pity from this pov.

It’s not just the visual model, either.

Anyone that has either moved into, or been moved through, by an airliner, will know the model disappears, but so does the noise from the engines. It just winks out of existence, but occasionally you will be able to spot a brief flash of the pilot/co-pilot as you pass under them. :slight_smile:

Be careful what you wish for.
I reckon this could have a massive negative impact on game stability/frame rate. (Especially the cull visuals at distance.)

At best this should be a couple of options which can be toggled on or off by users.

Perhaps a double slider for distance at which player aircraft will in / fade out?

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I’m fine with it being settings for view distance and to turn the fading out on/off. I understand some airliner pilots will want it on and that’s fine.

In FSX, you had to manually edit some game cfg files to control these settings and even that was fine because those of us who wanted to change them could do so.

I am testing a potential fix to imported aircraft disappearing into the distance, so hopefully I’ll have some good news to share on that to those who are interested.


Agree with that.
We ( Fuzzy Flyers) experience the same phenomenon.
In addition of being able to disable this ‘fade away’, there should be an option to enable ’ touch effects’
In other words: If one accidentally comes in physical contact with a wingman, you should ‘feel’ such. ( crashing not neccesary)

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A large portion of the community on FSX would attend virtual shows hosted as such by the FSX Blue Angels or other show organisers. It would be great to allow players the ability to remove ghost mode to allow close formation aerobatics. This possibly reigniting virtual airshows once again from FSX to now MSFS.

For example from 2013 of which i participated flying Vulcan XH558: El Centro air show to fly this weekend | PCGamesN


When flying in tighter formations (especially with larger aircrafts), when you get close to the other aircrafts, they become invisible or partially invisible depending on the distance. I understand why they added this, but as someone who often flys in Multiplayer Formation Jet events, it would be very nice if this distance was decreased, to allow us to create more imprssive formation flights. Thanks.


(Ofcourse we are not as good as the video shows :wink: )


Has anybody got a tweak, file or fix yet?
Now that there is a helicopter i need the other players to not fade away when we park close.


Would love this to be fixed. So annoying trying to fly with friends.


I fly in a formation/aerobatic group called the ThunderFlys in TwoToneMurphy’s community. At the moment for our formations to look right, we have to fly with our reference aircraft almost invisible due to the ghosting effect and it makes it very hard to see needed adjustments and hold position. In addition to this, if there is a slight bit of stutter, either server-side or client-side, it can make the reference aircraft disappear entirely as we are so close. The only way to avoid this is to fly with a lot of separation, which I am sure we can all agree, doesn’t look anywhere near as good. We often have MSFS twitch streamers following us during manoveours with the drone cam and we do airshows for them, so looking good is quite important!

I would like to have the option to disable the ghosting effect, but still have it so there is no collision, so that we can fly much tighter formations and reduce the chance of the reference aircraft disappearing in the event of any lag/stutter.


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I wholeheartedly agree and would love for this to happen.

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Should definitely be an option.

So what is going to happen when 2+ multiplayer pilots try to spawn on the same spot, pilots don’t communicate their intentions, pilots don’t follow aviation rules/regulations, etc ?

This works well in low population servers like DCS but MSFS multiplayer is very unpredictable and extremely high chances of error.

That is not even taking trolling and griefing into account…

I’m assuming the idea is that aircraft can be within touching distance of each other, without seeing them disappear off your screen. They will blend into each other. The current setup makes formation flying very difficult.

EDIT: sorry for the double post.