Improve Visibility For Multiplayer Aircraft So They Don't Disappear

I agree, formation flying is not easy when your wingman constantly vanishes. Maybe they can do it within groups only or some form of moderated mode with more restrictions and rules enforced.

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Yep. I think the simplest way is to give players the option, as the OP says. The ghosting/vanishing effect could be turned off, but the non-collision effect would remain in place for all. This would still get around the issue of potential griefers.


Or just make it a toggleable option for each client. Which is the idea of the OP. Don’t want to run it? Don’t. But for those who fly in formation, having the disappearing disabled would be great. @anon62478633 , I think you missed that it’s looking for a toggleable option, so your suggestions are moot, frankly.


Still its a point to be made and likely a point Microsoft already considered when making the choice to ghost clients by default. GTA has the option to toggle ghosting, look how well that worked out :roll_eyes:

I already agreed it would be nice and shared my “moot” opinion so carry on with yourself.

The idea is that there is still no collision, so aircraft still pass through each other as they do now, but there is just no fade-out effect. The planes will just clip into each other and be fully visible but still not have any physical effect on each other. It would be a toggle option that each user can choose themselves, not server-side or disabled entirely. For example, I have it disabled for formation flying but a streamer can still have it enabled (ghosting out as it does now) to help with griefers and trolls etc.


Thats already a existing request for sometime now… what happen to it is the question, have to search.

I am onboard and think they already got the format right.

  • All
  • Group Only
  • Off

Not everyone will be onboard with this ‘wish’ and points/opinions will be shared so hopefully responses are as civil as yours.

Microsoft has other games they already had to do multiplayer ghosting in for obvious reasons. MSFS os a big world so ot shouldn’t be as bad.

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All good, they look dead so it is probably a good thing you create one specifically aimed at an option. The one include close range but mostly focused on long range ghosting.

It did take a bit to find it even with the flexible search feature.

The request is for the ghosting to be an OPTION instead of mandatory.

If you prefer it as it is then disable the option. But for those who find it beneficial, they can enable the option.

It seems to me that this would be a wonderful choice to have depending on the type of flying you are doing and how busy you expect it to be and whether you expect griefing to be a problem.


Ghosting is a MAJOR issue for those trying to fly in close formation (ie The Thunderflies).

Limits how close they can fly, before the planes in their formation, GHOSTS on them !!!

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You are repeating what has been said 3+ days ago… the conversation has moved on.

I too would like the option, however, I understand why it was removed by default considering how much griefing/trolling goes on in other games by Microsoft that lead to ghosting clients.

Well that’s very strange, when I replied many of the replies that I now see were not there. Apologies.

For your interest though, GROUPS would be perfect for formation flying (as you suggest) but they are limited to 6 (too few for a formation plus a camera ship) and are currently un-usable because aircraft randomly fade in and out on a very frequent basis. So maybe something for the future.

Interesting, no problem.

If setting how other Planes appear to GHOST to you, is made an option, then this would not be an issue …

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My point is just because you have a setting does not mean the user experience would be troll/griefer-free if you have Ghosting disabled.
Once there is an option to disable ghosting there will be many topics about how people are purposely ramming into other aircraft and blocking runways… the only way to avoid it will be to turn on Ghosting again - Microsoft knows this.

The safe way around it, which should be default anyway, is to have no ghosting in groups since those environments can be managed/controlled by the user.
For that reason this request (now merged) should clearly state the user wants a option to disable/enable ghosting, a way to filter All, Group Only, Friends Only, etc., and a visibility range slider.

I already said I am onboard with this one and voted on it so why does it need to be further debated.
It is my opinion on the topic… everyone has one.

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I agree with this thread. It would be very nice to have an option to disable this, I hope this wish gets some more traction.

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Perhaps the contrail visibility should be increased as well; I mean what is the point of AI contrails if they cannot be seen from the ground? May as well say they do NOT exist at this juncture. Makes no sense at all!


if this is improved I guess there could be a new multiplayer airshow challenge mode or so

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I doubt an external petition is going to carry any more weight than a wish list topic.

This is a big deal for many teams in MSFS especially those coming over from FSX. There is a relatively large market struggling especially when we cannot modify bounding boxes on GTLF.

Planes dont fade on this video
Dron camera maybe?

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