Improved AI System, Supported by AIG?

the performance load by using flyable models is not that big in MSFS compared to older Sims so in a small range it is possible. It is always better to use optimized models and textures for it to get more FPS in the end. Same like with any Scenery, you do not need a 4k texture for a small 0.5m*0.5m object inside a terminal, that you only see if you are inside the terminal :wink:

BTW: This topic made it to the preview snapshot in yesterdays Dev-Update^^


Happy this topic eventually made it to the wishlist, extra happy that it at least says ‘under investigation’ 2021-2022.


I absolutely and eagerly look forward to this in the near future - so close I can smell the av gas.

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Same! So desperate :grimacing:

Now they are on trial for not dealing with this earlier haha


give them time :wink: The list of stuff we figure out each day is getting longer and longer…


one more major point that needs to be fixed/chaged:

Default parking spots. Currently no major airport ingame is able to handle the amount of real world AI traffic because of misisng/to small parking spots.

Example: In Dubai there will no A380 spawn/park because they need a gate with around 40.1m radius, but the airport only offer gates up to 36.0


Does it work for offline ai traffic currently?

Parking is the same for online and offline, since both use the same models


Short update from my side (AIG):

In preperation for the next call with Jörg (no date yet) I am collecting more information about the current AI system by testing different thigs.
So far it seems that both online and offline are affected by the major issues we had identified so far. When possible i am trying to find a workaround or possible solution so when I have the talk with him I can provide the best options already :slight_smile:


thanks for the info’s and thanks to all who are pushing this project forward with so much enthusiasm. The entire community will thank you all, me especially.


It’s such a relieve that AIG is finally working hand in hand with Asobo and Microsoft. It was about time if you ask me. Now we need results. This sim is superior in almost every way other than AI traffic which is ridiculous.


results will mostlike take some time, at AIG we are still testing the whole AI system (takes longer then I had hoped) - first set of information has been forwared to Jörg already


Is this project even going on? Why AI traffic for MSFS has been so difficult??

I just received a “completed” notification on this topic. Does that mean its being added to the sim??

Same, no idea what is going on :eyes:

Topic got closed by mistske, that was the notification


I see. Well that was a disappointment then…

The lack of realistic traffic is still one of the biggest drawbacks of the sim ( which is amazing in many aspects). What disappoints is the lack of willingness at Asobo to change this.