Improved coastal water translucency

As a coastal pilot, would really ask that improved water translucency gets added to the list. I understand this requires satellite data but maybe there is a way to not just have it look like water around the world is infinite depth one foot off shore?

In my image, when flying around 2,000 feet above Malibu, it is surprising how translucent the shore is allowing you to see that the boats are above the ocean floor…it appears 3D.


To achieve this, Bing definitely needs to get undersea topographical data like Google has, though they currently don’t have this info as “it doesn’t benefit the customer base”. However, it seems likely that Microsoft will procure and implement this data at some point in the future.


maybe not…
the use of satellite images can give all they need. This requires a little more work for the edges of the coasts because the use of high resolution aerial images in this part is more efficient even if it requires a lot of work to homogenize the colorimetry. But as soon as you move away from the seaside a little bit of satellite images, even low resolution * (10m / p) will always be more efficient (in my opinion) than rasters generated from bathymetric data whose resolution is not not centimeter to my knowledge. Knowing that the deformations linked to the water layer and the swell makes it unnecessary to use a very high resolution source.

But that’s just my opinion…


  • example of a work I did for an other sim and from low resolution sattelitic images from Sentinel2 data (open source).
    Very little manual work (a little cloud cleaning) while the covered areas are huge and the colorimetry was homogeneous and perfect with almost no work!

with just some works big area is easy to obtain…



I am thrilled with the improvement so far and do not doubt that continued improvements will be coming. That said, I was flying around Lexington, Ky, (home,lol of course!) and the ponds, lakes, and streams are all the same, being dark blue, they should be a dirtier brown, kinda like the wifey!

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Fly over Brittany or over Camargue in France and watch…you should be surprised.
Instead I’m very surprised they made Venezia but not all the laguna water transparency which is wonderfull (as the Po delta wich is very near ).

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