Improved G1000 beta release

This is the next step up from the various tweaks I’d previously released allowing pilots to control G1000 brightness with hardware knobs in their cockpits, and possibly the first in a series of improvements to the stock G1000. I figured, rather than work around the absence of software dimming in the sim, why not just add that feature to the display itself? That’s what this is. Each panel is now individually dimmable from within a semi-realistic PFD configuration menu.

Since it was requested by a user here, I also added functionality to toggle synthetic vision on and off, a feature that’s in the real units that are equipped with synthetic vision but which is also missing from the sim.

If you want to see this in action, I have a brief video on YouTube.

(I had to create the config menu from scratch, and it approximates what it looks like in real life, but isn’t exact, for two reasons. One, I omitted the AUTO/MANUAL switch because auto brightness makes no sense in the sim right now. Two, I don’t own a G1000 or a G1000 simulator, so I had to go off a few small images and fuzzy videos from different versions of the G1000. I got it somewhat close using what I had available in the sim without taking ages to get it pixel-perfect. I think it works, but I’m open to suggestions for improvements. Or the gift of a G1000 simulator. :smiley: )

Installation is the usual, just drop it into your Community folder. If you have my previous DA40 or DA62 tweaks installed you can remove them, this supersedes them. Also note that this will deactivate the control of G1000 brightness via the avionics knob in the C172 G1000, but if that bothers enough folks I could release a compatibility fix for that.

Enough rambling you can get it here. I have tested it a fair bit in a number of planes, and I’m fairly confident in it, but I’d definitely call it “beta” right now just to be safe. Hit me up with any problems you run into or other feedback you have.


Thank you.

Good work! Do you know if it’s possible to make G1000 to save previously used settings? Or just to change the default values? Would be nice to set bearing pointers and dme turned on already at startup.

Nice! Thank you!

Very nice! It’s been a missing feature for a while. What other things are you thinking about enhancing?

I’ve just realized what I should have earlier and that is this sim will be fixed by the community and not by developers. Bravo bravo.


I’m not 100% sure, but I don’t think it’s possible to get the default gauge to write its status out. You can read from an XML config file to get startup parameters, but I haven’t found any way to write them back. This isn’t to say one doesn’t exist, there’s next to no documentation on this right now and everything everyone is doing is mostly from experimentation.

I’ve just started talking with another couple folks who have been thinking about enhancing the G1000, we might be getting a small collaboration going. I know one thing that’s already been suggested is implementing a functional OBS mode.

Hey, I’m a developer! :smiley: I know what you mean, though, it’s often non-commercial devs who end up taking care of the “little” details that end up on the wrong side of the 90/10 rule. I think it’s great that the way this new sim is written makes that a lot easier.

(And it’ll be even easier, still, when there’s actual documentation…)


No disrespect to the developers. They’ve done an incredible job developing a next gen sim to build on. But to move it to completion we have such a talented group of people who will finish it. Huge thank you.


OBS mode make sense… I think the other pieces is the Flight Plan and Approach areas which are lacking a lot. e.g. Direct To an airport and being approach to select that airport for approach. OR deleing a leg within a Procedure…

No idea on the amount of work required for that… but certainly a good improvement if it is possible.


From which file I can find these parameters? I tried to search but wasn’t able to find them.

Thanks for this nice mod.

Hopefully one of the folks is @Smirox who has also done some improvements to the G1000 and G3000 including the ability to change the BARO units to hPa.

As there is some overlap between the various improvements it would be nice to roll all the improvements into a single package along with bringing the changes to the G3000 (if applicable).

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Ok I was afraid of this when trying to implement PFD Setting Menu: it messes up with other sub-menus like FLP menu and so on. When you click on PFD menu button the PFD Setup Page should only appears when there is no other functional window (like FLP, NRST …) and instead display their submenu respectively.
Probably can be fixed.

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Great, thank you :+1:

This is FANTASTIC work! I can use the DA62 at night without burning my eyes!

I would really like the compatibility mod though, this also effects the G36 Bonanza, and the G58 Baron.

In the real airplane, you can set up the brightness in the pfd menu, but then the avionics brightness knob will over-ride whatever you’ve changed it to in the pdf menu. What I do in real life at night, is set it to its absolute lowest on the knob, then lower it further in the menu as my eyes adjust into the night.

The lowest it went to with just the knob was about 10% brightness if you could figure out how to make that work in the two beechcraft. As long as you didn’t touch the knob, the pfd menu worked just fine. When you did touch the knob, it overruled what you’d set in the menu.

Awesome work, really impressed!

that’s great! could you somehow introduce an HPa altimeter option other than in InHG? it is a very important feature for us european pilots, that sadly Asobo didn’t think about introducing.
thanks in advance :DD

So generous of you! I wish I knew how to do this kind of stuff. Thank you so much for making MSFS better!! Your hard work is so appreciated.

What a great contribution. Please forgive my denseness, but what exactly is “synthetic vision?” I could not find a description on Garmin’s web site. Thanks so much.

Thank you very much! In case you plan to further improve the G1000: there is a nice iPad App from Simionic that is an almost 1:1 simulation of the real thing! Anyways, thanks for the mod, now I can finally disable synthetic vision. Regarding the standard artificial horizon on the PFD: The indicated pitch increments are actually smaller if synthetic vision is disabled, i.e. where it now shows 5° pitch up/down it would actually say 10° etc.

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You’re all very welcome. I love tinkering and am happy to share with the community that’s given me so much. :slight_smile:

I have had a report elsewhere that this no longer works for two people after the patch released today, but I can’t reproduce that myself. Is anyone who had this working now having issues post update?

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still works with my DA62 after the patch! if it is a community folder mod no problem, if it was modified in the base game it was probably reverted to stock after the patch