Improved G1000 beta release

Doesn’t work for me after the update. Before it was working fine.

edit: Disregard. After first launch it wasn’t working. I relaunched the app today and now it’s working. :+1:t2:

Is working fine for me, and I appreciate your work to fix this. However now I have another issue that was not there before…
you load the C172 G1000, press CDI and it goes to VOR 1 and after that is stuck there, pressing CDI again does not change and is not working anymore… very annoying…
I managed to load the C208 and that seems to fix it because again now you can go back to pressing CDI and it cycles through GPS, VOR1 and VOR 2 GPS with no problems… do you have the same issue?

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Synthetic vision shows the terrain instead of a normal artificial horizon on the PFD:

Garmin is calling that feature SVT™.

Your work is really appreciated, thanks!
It was an annoying stuff especially in night flights! I’ve spent a lot of time in each aircraft trying to find knobs to set G1000 brightness… :slight_smile:

Do you have fixed the two buttons (nose up/nose down) with inverted functions too?

Do you have any plans to upgrade other displays as well, e.g. the one found in the X-Cub? I would love to be able to adjust brightness or toggle Synthetic Vision in the Cub, as well as having the option to enlarge speed and altitude tapes:

(Source: I wish there were more steam gauges, way less Garmin screens all over the place. What do you fly?).

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Thank you so much for this, great job


Absolutely. I love that Cub too and want to bring some good changes to it. Right now I’m finishing up the next version of the G1000 mod with the most common requests implemented, but hopefully I’ll be able to turn to some of the other gauges soon.


Excellent Work Thank You

@kaosfere4829 Just some feedback: When you take over the menu button with the brightness variables, it disables the menu that would normally come up when viewing the Flight Plan which normally allows you to delete the flight plan and start a fresh one. However, the Flight Plan menu never shows up and therefore, doesn’t allow the user to clear the current flight plan and create a new one (such as when reaching the destination and wishing to continue to a new destination).

My recommendation is to not use the Menu button, but rather one of the soft keys that is never used, such as the first one to the left of “INSET”, for example.

In the real plane there is a different menu key depending on which screen is up. I think they are working to merge multiple menu screens. It is also possible to start a flightplan from scratch on the MFD.

Fair points, however I think everyone realizes the in-game panels are not life-like and therefore we just have to make do with them as they are.

Sounds awesome! :slight_smile: Between the work the devs are doing on avionics, and community enhancements to flesh things out even more, I’m sure we’ll have a pretty good approximation of the G1000 sooner or later.

Personally, I’d like to see as much functionality of the real G1000 as possible. I’m not a real pilot but I do like to know that things are close to 1:1… which makes me ask- are aesthetic changes possible on the G1000 do you know? For instance, on the real display, the altitude and airspeed tickers have white borders around them, which aren’t visible in the sim. Also, when in VOR mode, the VOR frequency in the upper left should display in green, but it stays white. That kind of attention to detail, getting things looking correct- colours, fonts, proportions, icons, etc, would be nice to see.

If it’s not that hard I might even have a go if others aren’t really interested in that side of things. I only have programming knowledge in Python (a bit of javascript), but wouldn’t mind a new challenge.

Last night with the excellent help of @RMROC451, got my G1000 Air Manager 4 + Knobster + MobiFlight to finally work. What this does is give me pretty much the full G1000 functionality. Ryan has the 530 version in development (btw). I’m reworking Russ Barlow’s execellent Xplane G1000 Overlay implementation So far I have all the knobs (mostly) working along with all the Softkeys and the FMS Plus I have Knobster working with it all. at least for the PFD. I still have the Autopilot to do (but I have that functionality pseudo-coded at least) There is much still to do but P.O.C-wise this frigging Rocks!!! I plan to record a quick video and share the Beta version of the panel (with Russ’s consent) in the next day or two.


@XAxSys If you reach out to Russ, cc me on any communication. I’m not quite sure how to get ahold of him to ask if he would be ok with me putting the msfs updates on his 530/430 implementation.

My recently released app allows any HID joystick event to be bound to a SimConnect event or keystroke. Combined with the MobiFlight bridge module it allows pretty much total control of the G-1000 or any other instrument supported by the MobiFlight module.

Will do


Looking forward to the video! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your work! The stock G1000 is unusable. It would be a huge effort for you to rewrite the entire code and I believe this is unpossible. It would need MSFS´s attention first and a colaboratoin with Garmin to fix it.
Yet I ask you to adjust the lighting intensity to complete black if at 0%. This is how the designated pilot examiner produces the partial panel on the checkride.

The G1000 mod is a big improvement and my thanks to those who have worked hard to achieve this.

I am having a wee problem with the engine display on the MFD. Had to reinstall the mod and now pressing the “Engine” knob no longer brings up three further options. I am planning a long flight in the DA62 (modded) and need access to the fuel options. TIA.