Improved Gamepad Support XBOX ONLY

Well it seems not only is DX12 XBOX only but the enhanced gamepad support is too. We have been waiting and testing this god awful controller support for how long and they go and put it on XBOX only? You do realize they sell XBOX gamepads for PC too right? Oh my head. If you even have to ask if PC needs this then you are in the wrong business. I’m sorry but it’s insulting in a very big way.


Hi there,

We want to make these forums a positive environment for you to discuss Microsoft Flight Simulator related topics, and to give us your feedback on the sim.

Recently the team has received a number of complaints about the negative atmosphere on the forums. These complaints stem from excessive negative non-constructive posts.

These posts do not provide meaningful information that helps in the development of the simulator. Instead, these topics are often duplicate an existing topic and create conflict that usually require moderator intervention. These posts hurt the atmosphere of the forums, which drives some of our community away and may prevent others from joining.

We value constructive criticism about MSFS as it helps the developers further understand, triage and resolve problems within MSFS.

Take the following example posts:

The ATC in this simulator is ■■■■

ATC’s altitude instructions are awful. I was on a flight from KSFO to KDEN in an A320N, when ATC cleared me for descent below the minimum safe altitude. If I stayed at a safe altitude it would cancel my IFR clearance and my approach, so I followed their instructions leading to a crash on the side of a mountain.

ATC needs to take the terrain into account when issuing clearances!

The non-constructive example (top) provides no meaningful information, no one will be able to understand, reproduce or document the issue, and therefore the issue cannot be resolved.

We ask that you consider this going forward. We continue to welcome criticism and complaints so long as they are constructive in nature. You can read more about our policy change here.

Thank you for your understanding

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