Improved TBM 930 Touchscreen Controls

[UPDATE] - This mod has recently been integrated into a larger G3000 mod, by aznricepuff. Please see this thread for details

Thought I’d have a go at seeing how I can make the ingame G3000 touch screen controls for the TBM 930 look a bit more like the real thing.

This modded version uses the same icons and a similar graphical styling to the real display (based on the Garmin GTC 580). This is the first release version. It’s not perfect of course (an endless task) but hopefully is a decent enough approximation. Depending on interest I could possibly take this project further. For now the changes are merely graphical- there are no modifications to functionality or features.

Hope you enjoy and happy flying -

Original ingame display

Real displays

Modded ingame displays [UPDATED 9/22/2020]


Wow!!! Man! Why is it Not Standard? It looks awesome! Great work! And as you said, it is Not much difficult to make these Icons looks like real!!!


Wow, great work!

Did Asobo just make up the design? It seems that it would have been no extra work to just design it like the real thing in the first place.



Guys really, I started to be bussy with basic stupid tests and forget think how that aircrafts need looking with it’s instruments…

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I get the feeling that refining the look is a future job for Asobo, and getting something usable for release was the main priority.

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…but there is for shure some licence issue, that prevents asobo to design it like the real one :frowning:


then just I understand why also Garmin isn’t implemented how we maybe expect!

Update: this can be not true of course, Garmin implementation has nothing with licensing in case of menu options, hope that this will be solved quickly :slight_smile:

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Couple more WIPs. Here’s the re-styled ‘PDF Home’ page…

… and minimums page


Great work !!!
A mod will be highly appreciated.

I don’t know much about the SDK but I’m adding checklists for personal use.
I know that the important part is “dependencies” property in manifest.json.

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Cheers :slight_smile:

I’ve updated the first post with the latest progress (have added background and title images)

If you could manage to get the touch work when the display is undocked I would become your biggest fan :slightly_smiling_face:

I came over some smaller touch screens and was very excited when I connected one of them and fired up the sim. However, I got very disappointed when I realized you can’t click on the buttons in the undocked window :confused:

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For sure interested, anything to make the autopilots actually work in the plane that have this, but not the physical autopilot controls. :smiley: I’ve tried the keyboard commands, but it seems only certain ones work, while others do nothing. Looks great :smiley:

Again, thats looks so much more realistic! Awesome! Do you Think of making the mod available to download? :star_struck:

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I’ll definitely do that soon. I still want to do some tweaks - I found some good ref and better icons so I’m re-doing some of these. Looking pretty nice now.


I’ve uploaded the project to Github. See first post for link :slight_smile:



slick ! very nice.
thank you for your work on this.

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I send an canditature for you to ASOBO!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! it looks so much more realistic! Also the additional ICONS looks so great!

amazing work!


great work, congratulations

Looks great, do you plan to add more functionality to them, like the extra pages or are you just styling them?