Improvement choosing Gates after approach

Just an idea for an upcoming improvement and updates which would be great in my opionion and a it was possible in earlier flightsims as P3D, FSX. What I’m still missing is, that I can choose/select an Gate on the arrival on an airport. Until now, the Gate, always the same, Gate will be assigned by ATC, no matter what kind of plane I’m flying. Thats why it would be great to have the opportunity selecting a free gate for airliners and GA-parking area for small, GA-planes by myself. If this is not possible, it would be great if ATC could assign a proper Gate or Parkingfield depending on the aircraft type.

Until now, ATC assigns very often a gate, parkingfield far away from the terminals in the middle of nowhere, b.e. Seattle Intl. KLAX, etc.

I miss that too.

I’d even be happy, if there would be some randomizstion (but taking aircraft categpry into account, of course)

Right now I always get the same Gate, unless another aircraft is occupying it. Then I get the one next to it.

It looks like ATC is assigning them in alphabethic/numeric order and so I end up on rather remote stands instead of a gute at the terminal every time…

I kinda set up a flight a few days ago where I accidentally set my airbus in front of a small gate/building & there were no pushback options.So all i could do was return to main menu.

Would be in favor of this. I guess in some areas it could be related with Improve AI Traffic at Airports and in The Air
But I guess its about the game itself recognizing that a gate is too large for a small plane or too small for a large plane. Something like a pop up warning that you won’t be able to request pushback in front of hangar with airbus etc. Or making it impossible even to start the game with such a setup where pushback would be impossible & you end up stuck in front of building. Also after approach it could be improved perhaps in assigning the type of plane to a fitting area for that type

After arriving at an airport, we can’t choose which gate we want to park at. We can just hope that the ATC gives us a realistic gate. So we need an opportunity to choose the exact gate that we want. To get more realism.

Sorry if my English is bad. I am just learning.

You can while planning your flight, zoom in and click on where you want to end up and set as arrival.

Thank you a lot! You made my day a bit better.:slightly_smiling_face:

I may be wrong here but, I think you can bind a key or button for pushback and it works whether or not there is a facility on the ground.

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Just release your parking brake, and press SHFT P on your keyboard. Your aircraft will be pushed straight back. Press SHFT P a second time to stop the pushback. Works on any airplane at any airport.

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Ah yush ,the tooltip told me today ingame :smiley: Still the redirection of airplanes to the most fitting gate or parking for that type of plane could be improved.Or mention that its not a fitting gate/parking for the size of your plane or so