Improvements for Updates

I’ve read several concerns in this forum about the difficulty downloading updates. I have similar issues but have resolved them by using NetLimiter. Disappointing that I needed to purchase another program to download updates.

However, my biggest frustration is that, due to my slow connection, it can take several hours to download updates. Updating needs to be an option so that we can select the best times when we want to receive the updates. I was looking forward to several flights on my day off today. However, no flying for me since it will be updating most of the day.

Perhaps more information has been posted on this topic that I’m missing. But, the concerns about updates doesn’t seem to be addressed by Microsoft. I would hope there are some solutions soon. I love the program but sure get frustrated when I want to fly and can’t.

In my case it’s even worse, It won’t never update showing an error message and then forces a reinstall of the entire SF2020 100+GB. LOL
Luckily I found a way around to restore scenery data from backups that saves time.

I run into a similar issue yesterday. We are in October, which leads me to believe this is a generalized issue.

I would like to make a suggestion to the FS team… for the time being, assume that a large number of users will be unable to update and will have to reinstall the sim from scratch. As such limit the upgrades to once every 6 months. Thanks!!