Improvements to VFR Map

There are some other discussions about improving the VFR map, such as these:

But in VR, the map is even more important. In regular 2D flying, it is easy enough to pull up skyvector or a real VFR sectional, which has key details like airport elevation, runway length and airspace shapes. In VR there’s really no way to do that. One option would be a very robust chart viewer like we’ve discussed in some other locations:

A lot of people won’t really want to do that, and any kind of external map would likely not have moving map functionality. In a perfect world, the VFR map would have all the details of a VFR sectional chart or TAC chart, which would allow VR users to navigate internally.

After seeing the VFR in that ‘other flight sim’, I cant believe they gave us this one. The vfr map in FSX was better then the one we have now, Whats really cool about that other flight sims vfr is that you click on a vor or airport etc and a little popup comes up and you can tune the appropriate frequency with a click from that.

I was kind of hoping we would have something like that except when you click on a player in multiplayer you could establish radio contact and have a conversation with the other pilot(s) in game.
Would make spontaneous multiplayer fights so much easier…

I wish we could have overlays on the world while in-flight and not just in a VFR MAP

  • All for BING overlays with Search and Filters
  • Elevations
  • 3D Airspaces
  • Ability to save locations
  • Ability to build a flight plan using Bing location searches
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+1 I find the VFR map lacking entirely as compared even to FSX. I for one, would at least love a marker on the airport where they put the fuel pump. The other interactive bits like frequencies would help too, I’d like to manually adjust the radios, but theres no way I’m taking off my headset to ALT-TAB into skyvector every time I want to look up a freq. Shouldn’t need to rely on 3rd party VR mods either.

Yeah the fsx map would be a big improvement as well, anything but what we have now. Hell steal the map system from Xplane and modify those to give us in game chat capabilities within the game.

I’d greatly appreciate, at the very least, a VFR sectional map (or something roughly equivalent if adding actual charts is impossible) to replace what exists there now, which is less like a map and more like a basic pocket GPS with no nav features.

On that note, all different types of charts and stuff should be available in game, with or without an option to make it a “moving map”. Approach plates and IFR charts too. In VR, it’s not ideal to have to pull it up on another program.

I’d like to see the inclusion of Taxiway data on the map. Real world maps are available in VR, but since the sim map is rather inaccurate to that…Those are pointless. The only map that matters is the one in the sim. They might also try including airspace data in the map.

ASOBO - Please give the VFR map more information ! It is elementally important for VR flight !

It is a mystery to me why MSFS does not use Bing map for VFR map. I incorporate that in the latest edition of GTFP and you can zoom in to great detail, or out to see the whole world.

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What we really need is proper VFR sectional charts.

But since that is likely to be a minefield of data assimilation and licensing … yes, the standard Bing Map would be a big step forward.

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There should be an ‘EDIT’ mode where us flightsim users and the flight sim community, can add POI’s or important visual landmarks etc right to the map, sort of like the Wayze app for traffic.