In flight menu bug provides up to 10 fps increase/loss

Hey simmers,

I have come across an interesting bug that I have been able to replicate. That wildly increases or decreases FPS

Now the first caveat: I do use the mugs UIMod and will test again with it removed however;

Problem: if you turn off any in game panel options like VFR, Navlog, 3rd party panel, as soon as you move the mouse away from the in game handle bar menu I get the following:

  • 20% drop in GPUoad
  • 5 - 10 FPS Drop.

If I hover the mouse over the in game handle bar menu

  • CPU and GPU load increases
  • I get 5 to 10 FPS increase in frames.

This dramatic increase in frames is sustainable as long as I have the menu highlighted.

Could I ask a few of you to test this and see if you can replicate the issue and/or if you have seen this mentioned somewhere else.

I will also remove all plugins like pushback helper navigraph LNV and mugs UIMod and confirm if the issue remains.

Things to note:

  • only happens when in the cockpit. If you go external view Sim will be fine.
  • only happens in VR as far as I can tell.

Replication method:

  • Enter flight
  • confirm VR FPS when hovering on and off in game menu handle bar
  • now click the settings cog and turn off some in game menus
  • move mouse away from menu and look for FPS drop
  • hover mouse over menu and look for FPS increase.
  • ensure you pick an area that is a little taxing on your system but not overly heavy area.

Appreciate your feedback and I will report back later today if removing all in game panel items and mugs UIMod removes the bug

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what is the in game menu handle bar?

The menu that pops up in game at the top of your screen to do things like change the weather or fuel or view the VFR map etc.

If you know the official name for it, I’ll edit my post.

Did you ever find what caused this?

This was tested thoroughly a few months ago by many users, seems to affect people in different ways due to their setup/software etc, personally IIRC I only gained 2-3fps.