In-flight menus missplaced and unusable with Vive Pro 2

Hi all,

I just received my new Vive Pro 2 and have tried fs2020. My in-flight menus are all wrong… ATC — Map, Weather… they are positioned to the left for left eye and to the right for right eye so when you look with both eyes at the same time they are duplicated and also are not usable, not even closing one eye, I can not click anywhere on them.

They used to work find with my old Vive Pro, algo with Reverb G2, anyone else experiencing this issue ?


Just set up my Vive 2 and I experienced the same issue. All functions such as ATC and map are unusable. Also , the performance, stuttering and slow frame rate are experienced. I had no issue withe the Vive Pro 1.

Yes, I can confirm this is happening. For example, ATC or the Map appear double and overlapped and far too close. Only happens on Vive Pro2.

Press Tab to bring up tool bar then click on the cog top right and reset panels.

Turn on motion compensation in Vive console to help with stuttering, also reduce SteamVR supersampling/rendered pixels until you get the desired fps or frametime.

Thanks, yeah, figure that out. It would still be nice for it to work properly each time.

I just received Vive Pro 2. Hoping to upgrade from Oculus Quest 2. First pass experience was horrible. I chalk that up to figuring out Steam, and then working through “No Headset Detected” issue, which as of the moment, I think has to do with the need for OpenXR, which is theoretically available through SteamVR beta. At midnight, I finally got MSFS to recognize that there was a VR headset connected but the image on my Pro 2 had this small box that said MSFS2020 up next, and then as I waited the whole image pixelated into nothingness. I have a 5900X CPU, 32GB and 3080 GPU. Going back at it today, but this should not be this difficult. I’ll be coming back here to see what others have to say.

Yeah, it will be good. I have a 3080. I can fly with good visuals and smooth FPS. Start off with low settings and move up. Also, I fly with Extreme and Steam SS set to 3100. In game render scale to 90%. That lowers the resolution of course, but still looks good. Most of my settings are now in the medium to high range.

Try SteamVR SS at default 150%, the visual quality at that setting is just crazy good. Of course the game becomes a slideshow with my 9900K/3090 setup, but it will give you a glimpse of what this headset display is capable of when we have more powerful PC to drive it properly.

Looks like the Vive Console drives the SteamVR display settings, correct? Not sure what you mean by 3100. Can you elaborate?

Vive Pro 2

So, instead of thinking of Steam supersampling as a percentage, think in terms of how many pixels are actually getting rendered. For some reason, the VP2 takes an average of your GPU and then renders accordingly based on the percentage you have set. Anyway, to deal with how a VR headset handles rendering you need around 1.4 of the native resolution, so 1.4 x 2448 = 3427. For some reason, though, on the VP2 3100 works just as well. So in Steamvr settings, under video, don’t use auto. Make sure you select each game and see what resolution is being output. Again, this will be adjusted slightly each session, so set it once and check a few times to make sure it is within the proper range. I have an RTX 3080 and can output at least 3100 in every game … accept MSFS 2020. But, I leave it at 3100 in Steam and then downsample in game via the rendering scale option in graphics settings.