In-Game Achievements Progress and Pilot Profile Got Reset After the Gaming Services Issue


You could always open a new ticket, quoting the reference for the old ticket, and inform them that the issue is not solved.

I can confirm after the recent Gaming Services related Cloud-Save issue, the progress of these 4 achievements were LOST AGAIN.

So clearly it’s still not fixed and whenever this is a Gaming Services related issue that can caused the game to be reset, your achievements progress will likely to be reset again.

I filed a support ticket with the studio and was told there is nothing they can do to fix it… I am very disappointed as a long time fan of flight simulator.

1 thing is just to keep flying and get the hours back up to match

Just got booted offline and when I tried to reconnect it told me my packages needed updating and I had to go back to the sign in screen to update and get back online. After following the advice and having to log out of everything and back in again to actually get the SIM to start I notice I’ve lost 800 hours and my logbook. Thanks MSFS!

Yep! Same here - it took me a while to figure out, what’s going on. I was about to set my ISP’s building on fire - turned out THEY are innocent (this time anyways). The textures below got all blurry and FSX-ish… :frowning:

I lost all logbook and deleted all settings during the last patch
Nothing is done by Microsoft. I have 2 tikets open for a week no sign of life from Zendesk.

Same here, lost around 550+ flight hours that the logbook magically was able to count from my 2400 hours of total playtime, The logbook was unreliable already but this makes it completely useless.

The issue happened the same way as the OP. Got logged out during a playing session and send back to the welcome screen and I have to do initial setup steps. After that I noticed my flight hours got reset to 0 and also several other sim settings got set back to default (several but not all)


Hi Guys,

count me in for this same bug. My logbook hours have been reset and I checked my xbox account and there all my achievements are present but not in the game anymore

Yves Lefevre

Same for me.

Steam shows me with 800+ hours in MSFS.
Logbook now shows 11 hours.

All the hours got zero’d and all the Logbook got erased as well and now only shows the flights done after the profile got nuked.

Strangely enough though all the achievements are still listed (maybe those are stored on Steam and data is gathered from steam database for the achievements).

Either way… hours played on profile and all flights logged in the logbook prior to the latest Sim Update (before World Update for France) are all lost now.

Same for me. Just a couple of hours logged (since about 1 week), instead of 700+, even if the achievements are still recorded.

mine seems fixed after update

I join in because my 950+ hours are gone too.

WOW, all my hours and achievent goals reset to ZERO.
This needs to be fixed and restored. Is microsoft even acknowledging this issue??


Are you kidding me Asobo/MS?

This happened to me with the release of Flight Sim on Xbox. I logged into the game on my Xbox, it showed that I had 0% of the game, 0 hours, etc…, like if I was a new player. I flew for a little bit, then quit the game.
I then went to play on my PC, and my user profile got Synced with what was on the Xbox, and I lost everything… I had around 90 flight hours and around 20-something achievements unlocked.
If I go to my profile on Microsoft Games, my progress is saved there, but my savegame has nothing…

@Liquid1c3 That is pretty frustrating!

Can I suggest that, if you haven’t already, you file a ticket with zendesk to report this problem.
Feel free to link them to your post in this thread as well.

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Thanks, I went ahead and submitted a bug. Hopefully something can be done… But I have little expectations

This just happened to me on Xbox series x. I logged out because it was bugged for buying items (and that always fixes it) but this time it lost all my hours and says I have completed zero challenges and bush missions etc.

Happened to me to, funnily enough my bush trip progress got saved, everything else, around 40 hours of flight with 16 different planes for “Jack of all Planes” are gone. At least I got to keep the Achievements for 50 hours at night/in rain, though the in game tracker reset those as well. I was already dreading the 1000 hour achievement, but a bug like this makes me want to stop playing entirely.
There isn’t much left to do on the achievement side anyways. Bush Trips, but one is impossible because an airport got patched out. Completionist? Stuck at 88% percent, and impossible as long as the bush trip isn’t fixed. Jack of all Planes? Well, I almost got it, but then the game deleted my progress, 80% to down to 15%. Not in the mood to redo all of that, plus, now I know that it might not even count, so why bother. 500 Airports? Seems like a lot of work, and if the above posts are an indication, your progress might be reset, same as the rest. 1000 hours? Well, see above, just lost 40 hours (aka the time it takes to finish a decently-sized game). Do I want to do that another 25 times, and hope it doesn’t occur again? Nah. Oh, and the weekly challenges… yeah, right…
Don’t get me wrong, the game is fun, the world is amazing and a blast to explore. But I am an achievement minded player, but this laundry list of bugged achievements and lost progress is something I didn’t see in years, and never expected to see from a AAA title from Microsoft itself.
I would hope for patches, but the game is a year old now, so these issues seem really low priority.
Sorry for ranting, but this stuff really irks me.