In-game marketplace rules

Is there a plan to introduce in-game marketplace rules in order to protect customers from potentially deceiving products?
For example, by implementing a feature list along with the product description that would be mandatory to be filled out by the developer outlining the current exact feature state of the aircraft/add-on in question?

Agree cough cough Bredok3d


Capta-khn Si-khm triple 7 :wink:


I can’t see how Asobo can set minimum quality rules: if a product pretty much says it’s a quickly slapped together product that’s unrepresentative of the real thing, and people still buy it, then that’s on the consumer, not on the Marketplace host (Asobo). And if the vendor does present a feature in the marketplace and the product doesn’t actually have it, then how bad does it have to be before Asobo can penalize it? Who will define that? What vendor will accept working under that threat of penalty? What would the penalty even be?

That being said, though, if the vendor does explicitly does something illegal (like use stolen assets), I can totally see Asobo taking action by removing the item from the marketplace and giving them strikes.