In Game Navlog missing altitude

Hi I am a little confused why the in game Navlog does not include altitude. In the world map when I plan a flight it shows the altitude however once I am flying it only shows headings and times. I have to remember what the original flight plan said or seek instruction from ATC. Can anyone provide advice on the in game navigation. Also for a learner pilot are there easy to use alternatives ?

What exactly do you need help with? Can’t you just write down the altitude?

When an IRL pilot files a flight plan, they include in the flight plan their en route altitude. Usually, ATC would then step them up to their filed altitude after they departed. They do this in the sim too. However, if you don’t want to use the bad ATC in the sim, just remember the number and clear yourself. :slight_smile:

I always use the default assigned altitude from the world map flight planning navlog.
But it’s also easy to get used to.

Since I only fly A320 exclusively, I always fly at either 38,000 feet when I’m flying westbound, or 39,000 ft when I’m flying eastbound. So I always keep that in mind, and when I forget which altitude I’m suppose to be at, I take a look at my direction, and know exactly whether I need to fly at 38,000 or 39,000 ft.

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