In Game save Bug

I have noticed that when a save in game flight is made, you load the flight again, the weather and time (cloud icon) is missing just for the save game drop down menu.
Obviously you cant then change weather etc or advance time when you time to carry on.
Is the a workaround for this until it’s fixed


Yes, when you save a plan it will save two files. One is a .flt the other is a .pln I believe? Load the plan, not the flight. It is the smaller file of the two. This will allow you to edit anything you want before the flight like the plane, time, way points, weather ect. And also give you the weather option while flying.

If you load the flight it will load it exactly like you saved it and you can’t edit anything. So you are stuck with that plane, time of day and weather.

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Thanks for the reply.
If I start a fresh freeflight without a flight plan and land somewhere, save it to come back to it.
When I load the save back in the aircraft is in the correct airport where it was saved, but the top in cockpit menu does not show the cloud icon to change time and weather etc.
Perhaps I have got the wrong idea and its a bug why the change time and weather is not on the menu. I thought you could freeflight, save and then load it up and change weather and time with the cloud icon to carry on and go somewhere else. Looks like the freeflight does not allow this to be done with a save only a flightplan.
Thanks anyway for responding.