In MCDU A32NX options AOC has no option for SimBrief except free text

In MCDU A32NX options AOC has no option for SimBrief except free text Option.

The option has now been moved to the EFB if you use the development version.


Thanks for your reply. how do l add the FP from EFG. Appreciate your help

It’s only the input of your Simbrief ID that’s been moved to the FlyPad. Once that’s entered you can import you flight plan into the MCDU exactly the same as you did before this change.
You can also import your flight plan into the FlyPad independently of the MCDU.

Thank you so much. It works now. Good day!

thanks so much … you are the best . :slight_smile: you helped me a lot

Hi TuftyMeerkat37,

FBW FlyPad and MCDU Integration Don’t Work. You seem to understand it so hopefully you can help. You said, “It’s only the input of your Simbrief ID that’s been moved to the FlyPad” whatever that means. Could that be the problem?

On my computer I sign in to Simbrief by way of Navigraph. I click on My Account and get the response Signed In. I then bring up a Saved Flight.

Now I launch FS2020 and I load that flight plan that I had saved to my Downloads folder. My A32NX is sitting on the runway ready to take off.

In the cockpit I bring up the view of the FlyPad screen and activate it. The Dashboard lacks details of my flight so I click on “Load from Simbrief”. Nothing happens.

Now I attempt to load data into the MCDU following the instructions from FBW web page - MCDU MENU > ATSU > AOC MENU > Init Press > INT DATA REQ. The response, “NO SIMBRIEF USER”.

Again nothing happens, what is wrong?

Make sure your flightplan down load path for FBWA320neo is correct in Navigraph download Center.

Did you put your Simbrief ID into the Flypad? If you don’t do that it doesn’t know how to get your flight plan into the Flypad or the MCDU.
Look carefully at the Flypad settings and you should find the place to enter your Simbrief ID. Once you’ve done this you should be able to import your last created flight plan from Simbrief into both the Flypad and MCDU.
It was entering your Simbrief ID that was moved from the MCDU to the Flypad.

Thank you, TuftyMeerkat37, for your assistance, I am half-way there. I am now able to load the Simbrief flight plan into flyPad and that should allow me to descend correctly. However, details still do not load into the MCDU.
I have to load the FP directly from the World Map and then at least its details show under F PLN on the MCDU. I can enter certain other items manually but in truth I do not think it matters. The plane’s autopilot has enough info to get me there.

The load of the Simbrief flight plan into the MCDU is a separate action from loading it into the Flypad.
Have a look at this video: How to Import a Flight Plan from SimBrief into the flybywire A32NX MCDU | Tutorial [MSFS 2020] 4K - YouTube

Ignore the bit about putting your Simbrief ID into the MCDU because this video was created before that option was moved to the Flypad.

Only select your start airport and gate in the World Map before going to “Fly”. This will give you the aircraft “Cold & dark” at the relevant gate. From there you can go through the A320 startup procedure and then import your Simbrief flight plan into the Flypad and the MCDU. You will have to add your SID & STAR manually because there are not created/imported from Simbrief.

Thanks once again for your help. Early in the video it explained how to enter my SimBrief username and it was plain sailing from then on. Strange how that was not explained elsewhere.

How can i make the simbrief FP the same as the mcdu flightplan? Or at least let ATC let me fly this FP?

I only load the airfield and gate in the worldmap. Then i startup the plane en enter the SB flightplan into the mcdu. But then atc most of the time gives me an other runway for takeoff and most of the time i get a different runway to land. But then there is no approach star route. Only a transition point and runway call.

Most of the time, MSFS ATC only seems to give a matching departure & arrival runway if you’ve selected a flight plan from the World Map. It doesn’t take that information from the MCDU. I just ignore the runway ATC tells me if it doesn’t match my flight plan and ATC doesn’t normally complain about it.

Simbrief doesn’t define your SID/STAR. You need to choose one and enter it yourself manually into the MCDU.
Navigraph charts are very helpful in choosing the right SID or STAR.

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