In the 9/2020 Q&A, Jorg said that we may be getting more natural-sounding ATC some day. Can you comment on the status of that?

In the 9.30.20 Dev Q&A (time: 23:25), Jorg stated:

There’s functionality of ATC and there’s also the audible appearance of ATC. We are working with Microsoft Research China on that. And there are some potentially really cool improvements coming. Seb was mentioning it, the newer TTS stuff…it’s really cool! It will sound more natural."

It’s been eight months since Jorg made that statement. Could you comment on where we are with that? (i.e., any teasers on what that might bring to the sim – regional accents, more voices, much more female voice representation, and of course high-level timeline for implementation?)

For anyone who might want to know the possibilities of this might be, try visiting this website:

and enter some of these into the text box:

Skyhawk 1 2 3 alpha bravo, turn left heading two niner zero, maintain three thousand until established on the localizer, cleared ILS runway two seven

TBM 4 5 6 charlie delta, winds 2 1 4 at 7, cleared for takeoff runway 2 2, caution wake turbulence

Bonanza 7 8 9 delta echo, radar contact 1 5 miles northwest of Norcross, expect right pattern runway 3 right

You can even have fun by changing the language and the accent. (One thing that is annoying is that you need to use the word “localizer” for Canada/the US/the Philippines, and “localiser” for Australia/Ireland/UK. But otherwise, it sounds pretty good!)


Do you know if Microsoft Azure TTS can be used with Pilot2ATC?

I’m afraid I don’t know what you can and can’t do with Pilot2ATC, but there’s a really long P2ATC thread going on here, if you’d like to ask someone there!

I’d recommend you watch this video from the latest Game Stack Event:

I’ve asked Martial on the Game Stack chat system whether they’re considering this, both for Voice Recognition (ATC for example) but also to supply a networked based and integrated system to voice coms (which to me should recreate aviation coms, i.e. one “lobby” per tuned frequency, instead of one lobby per group of players). He couldn’t say anything committing, but at least, that they’re looking into this.

One neat advantage is that PlayFab Party also does translation and text to speech, which means to me you could speak in French, and the automatic translation would impersonate you and speak in English to the other players.

Questions: are you planning to using PlayFab Party and could its text-to-speech supporting 60 different languages and automatic translation could also be used for ATC only?

I only had a chance to watch a few minutes of that video so far, but cool stuff! I’m wondering if the Microsoft Research China thing is mutually exclusive or complementary to this.

I created a Wishlist topic on using ATC with voice recognition as a stepping stone between using menu-based ATC and live voice communications. Something like this would be quite interesting for that.

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Don’t know if MS Azure TTS can be used with Pilot2ATC, but this video shows how to add free voices to this app.

Thanks! I have no problem adding additional Microsoft voices and I also have Amazon Polly voices setup in P2A. I was just curious if Azure was another option as Polly can be finicky sometimes. Thanks again for your help.

We’re one day away from this category closing. I don’t know if this has enough votes for it to get asked. But if it doesn’t get asked, you can feel free submit your question about PlayFab Party next month!

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