In the welcome screen ,How do I change my aviator picture?

Hi there, I just recently changed my picture…How do I change the picture in the welcome screen to the one that i am using now? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Are you writing about the avatar seen on the forum or in MSFS (xbox)?

Hi Hester, Sorry I’m talking about the one in MSFS.

OK. That one (the one in MSFS) can only be changed by your xbox account. It’s tied to your xbox account. Currently, xbox does not allow a “custom” avatar but rather you have to pick one from what they have.

You can change the xbox avatar via the Xbox app or online by logging into your xbox account.

I wouldn’t expect to see MS allow custom avatars anytime soon. This forum is moderated, so if someone tried to use a “naughty” avatar, it would be caught quickly. The online sim account is different. With less human oversight, there’s too much chance for shenanigans, so to speak.

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XBox accounts do allow custom avatar pictures. They occasionally disable it due to server load (was like this around the new XBox launch), but since then I’ve changed mine. The option is currently available.

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