In UK airfields, what are the t-shaped playgrounds?

As a non real life flying simmer, whenever I buy payware airfields they often seem to have in the park/table areas an enclosed area with a T shape in them. At first I thought they were playgrounds or something but there isn’t anything in them for kids to play with.

Does anyone know what they are? I’ll try and grab a picture.

Here’s one above, from Popham. They also have similar ones at Bodmin and Perranporth too. Just wondered what they are?


Ah interesting! Do you know if these are dynamic in game then, i.e. that T correctly changes to illustrate the changing wind direction?

I think it’ll vary between developers, it’s definitely possible with the right code. I assume many won’t bother.

And I wonder how the real T shaped things follow wind direction. It’s not as if they’re shaped to catch the wind but maybe there’s a hidden scoop.

I’ve only done one, and I painted it because I didn’t have a clue what it was at the time.

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They do not. They are changed manually. Not in the least because they have to align with the runway direction and not with the wind direction :wink:

When I made EHMZ, I made sure it was working as supposed (I did get help from another guy). I think (hope) a lot of people make the effort.

For a 09 - 27 runway (which is the easiest, because you only need 1 check :slight_smile: ):

			(A:AMBIENT WIND DIRECTION, Degrees) 180 &gt;
			if{ 1 }
			els{ 0 }

I just checked Burning Blue Design’s website (they made Popham above) and it has the following info;

‘Working custom Signal Square, which accurately shows the most suitable runway for the wind conditions.’

So theirs do at least work correctly it seems. That’s pretty cool to know, I’ll check them out next time I fly!

The signals square is throwback to the days of non radio, still quite relevant today as many small airfields outside controlled airspace do not have ATC at all times, if at all. Many small aircraft are not required to have radio to operate to and from many of these airfields
The idea is that arriving aircraft fly overhead to join the circuit and get the information required from the visual signals. Runway in use, condition of taxiway, gliding in progress etc…etc.


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