In what areas do you turn off Multiplayer.. So I won't spawn on an runways while others are flying?

Hi there, I was wondering in what areas do you turn off Multiplayer completely, because I accidently spawned on an runway., I while ago and Multiplayer was on and i didn’t realize that it was on. Any help or info is greatly appreciated. TIA

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When you load up a flight, simply pick a gate or parking spot at the airport. If you want to startup on the runway with engines started, then disable multiplayer before you start the flight. Then after you are airborne, you can enable multiplayer


The only thing I can think of is to look twice if you have selected a parking position as starting point.
Or leave MP off altogether.

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It would certainly help if they didn’t automatically select the runway if you change things after selecting a ramp spot. If I changed my mind about where I want to spawn then I’ll change it myself. Drives me nuts.

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heh! I have hurriedly taxied off the runway - cutting through the grass if necessary - to the nearest out-of-the-way spot more than once! But, yeah, just waiting until after takeoff to turn mp on works, as does quickly going to menu and turning it off should you inadvertently spawn on the runway.