In which cases is the Active Pause menu option visible?

I have noticed that when flying, when opening the top menu with the camera, atc, weather,… options, sometimes the Active Pause menu option is available and sometimes it isn’t. And I can’t seem to figure out when it is there and when it is not.

I know it’s not there in activities like landing challenges, but I am talking about free flying in the open world. And I can’t add it via the gear icon when it is not there either.

Now, it isn’t much of an actual problem, because you can bind a button combination to AP, which I did, and so far hasn’t failed me. Works without any issues when the menu option is not shown

But the seemingly random nature of the whole thing still bothers me a bit :slightly_smiling_face: I am just so curious if anyone figured ot out. Because online, I don’t seem to find any answers when googling so far.

So, does anyone know what triggers the AP menu option and why they would hide it in cases where the button shortcuts do work?