Incomplete save/load

I would like to start my flight with a cold/dark aircraft. So, I start a flight, taxi to parking, and shut down the aircraft (all lights, avionics, alternators, batteries, etc.). Then I save the flight. Now restore the flight and what do I get? Everything is on an running. Is there a way restore the status of the aircraft exactly as it was saved?

I’ve noticed this happening, too. I have this issue reported, you should do the same. Attach your saved flight if possible and also specify the airport and the aircraft that were used.

Sure thing, thanks.

Something is definitely wrong with the save function…Not being able to save all aspects of the state the aircraft,flight was in.Except for position.Which often seems to be saved accurately.But position is the only thing often.
Neither is the speed or state of the plane saved. I think its a bug of sorts & reported it as such.

If you look for topics on the save not working properly you’ll find many closed topics on it.
I guess the actual wish is to have reliable saves.That has my vote.