Inconsistent performance after SU8


Good day everyone, I have been having inconsistent performance after SU8 and WU8 updates.
Before SU8, I tweaked my settings to register 40 FPS. After SU8, i would get 30FPS and had to lower my render scaling and LOD to get the 40FPS.

However, depending on the days, i would get 25FPS while other days Iwould get 38-40 FPS with no change in settings.

Anyone experiencing this phenomenon? I cannot play the game, and tend to spend my time tweaking the system.

The NIS scaler tool does not provide improvements on my system.

My specs are:
Rysen 5 3600
16 GB Ram
RTX 3080
Quest 2 with link cable

Thanks a lot.

Try to use the suggestions in this topic, maybe it helps.

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Thanks, will try that.

Do you have a Widow’s managed or Custom page file?
With 16 gb ram, you should have a custom size.

I notice you have an AMD CPU, so maybe this will help. I posted this topic recently regarding updating my motherboard bios. If you’re not up-to-date then that might help as AMD has released several bios improvements to improve performance.

Good luck.

Thank you very much, i changed the settings and have a well behaved flight. I had to lower the render scale and LOD a bit though.

Yes, I created a Ram disk of 8 GB. I got an ITX MB and cannot add more RAM at the moment. When playing i get only a usage of 10GB.
Will try to tweak it some more.

Thank you. I just disabled the fTPM settings in my Bios. and it seems to have helped.

Thanks a lot everyone, your inputs were very helpful. I am having a better flying experience, hope it doesn’t get messy tomorrow - it has been erratic since SU8

Try this, it works for me and lots of other people…


Thank you. I’ll try this tweak also.
Recently, I’ve been checking the SU8 Q&A session with Microsoft and Asobo - they mentioned that they don’t know the cause of this drop in FPS when flying for a long time.

But looks like users have found the solution !
Hope it works for me also.