Incorrect Control Curves Application

We’ve been having some weird issues with our flight model, and I tracked it down to some very strange control curves behavior. I hooked up a SimConnect client to spit out “YOKE X POSITION” and “YOKE Y POSITION”, and also output raw joystick positions (from Windows, DirectInput).

I went into MSFS, set Sensitivity to 0/0 across the board, for linear control curves. Elevator works perfectly, the linear control curve shows up in MSFS, and as I move the joystick, the value MSFS gives me for “YOKE Y POSITION” and the value DirectInput gives me matches up to multiple decimal places.

Aileron, on the other hand, is crazy! Despite MSFS showing a linear curve, the response is not linear in the slightest, it’s acting as if there’s some huge exponential applied. 42% joystick input is giving only 12% on YOKE Y POSITION. I have to set Sensitivity to “+68%” to get something almost (but not quite) linear.

Am I missing some obvious flight tuning parameter (I’ve combed through the .cfg files), or can an MSFS Dev comment?

To further clarify this, I graphed joystick input position (raw from DirectInput) vs YOKE X POSITION (via SimConnect). You can see it’s a pretty strong control curve applied, even with MSFS sensitivity set at 0%/0%