Incorrect dev stream times

Hi, your dev stream says 9:30am pacific time on March 22,2023. You then say that’s London at 5:30pm. ITS NOT! Pacific time is only 7 hours behind because their clocks went forward 2 weeks before Europe.
Therefore the correct time in London would be 4:30pm, if the stream starts 9:30am pacific time.

Yes, unfortunately it is a bug with the forum software (which is commercial off-the-shelf software…not written by Microsoft). It’s because certain areas of the world are in Daylight Saving Time and others are not, and unfortunately the forum software is not calculating that correctly. The correct time for the stream is 1630Z.


I’m in Honolulu, which is currently 3 hours earlier than the US West Coast. I only noticed this because of the notification for tomorrows Dev stream. It should read 6:30 am instead of 7:30 am, as Hawai’i does not observe Daylight Savings Time.

Cost of doing business with an American company??? We had our time switch. It’s an easy fix, just put a sticky note on your monitor +/- 1 hour. :laughing:

that wouldn’t apply to everyone. it would if every event was posted by someone living in the US or a country that does daylight savings.

Let’s not assume how to do each other’s ‘job’, shall we?