Incorrect Heading Press D

Keep getting Incorrect Heading Press D pop up.

Flying on Xbox with no keyboard, so is there a command that I can bind to do what it’s asking or is there something I can do direct in the cockpit?

Hi @Goooner1!

The keybind is “Set Heading Indicator” so if needed you should be able to find that in the controls settings page and assign it to a button on your controller. Depending on the aircraft, there should also be a knob beside the heading indicator dial (the one that has your aircraft’s direction compared to all the headings on a compass) that you can manually turn to match your current heading (which you can verify from the compass up on the glareshield).

Hope that makes sense!

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It makes perfect sense. Thank you :+1:

I’d kind of guessed that was what it meant, so I’d been using the knob on the side of the MFD (Cessna 172S). Nice to have a shortcut though.

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