Incorrect modeling in A320 cockpit

I’ve had MSFS from the very beginning and VR for many months now but so far I’ve only flown GA aircraft and small jets. Never even tried any of the airliners. For the first time I loaded the default A320 Neo in VR and was quite taken aback and somewhat bemused by the giant cockpit. The pilot seating position, the distance of the panels and instruments, and the general size of the cockpit seemed patently wrong. I thought it must have been something to do with my setup and tinkered with the settings for quite some. However, when testing out the cockpits of a number of planes in VR it became obvious that the default pilot position and the default general size settings of the cockpits are quite inconsistent. Often changing the height, zoom, and cockpit view settings makes no difference whatsoever in VR mode. Just compare the default C172 G1000 and A320 Neo cockpits in VR mode to their equivalents in PC mode. Asobo really need to address this.


Is this because you’ve actually sit inside an A320neo in real life, that you believe Asobo needs to fix the cockpit VR representation?

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I can attest OPs issues with incorrect cockpit dimensions. Very apparent in VR, so much so that I don’t fly in VR anymore w/ it. They really need to opensource the model or fix it ASAP as it is an immersion breaker for an otherwise beautifully textured airplane. (FlyByWire has done a great job retexturing as Asobo has allowed it).


The Asobo team is understandably preoccupied by more critical issues with the sim and are probably not aware of this issue in VR. Since this topic is not getting the attention it deserves, I think we need to find a way to highlight this to Asobo so that they can help the FBW team help them fix it. Any suggestions?

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This Layout kills Immersion in vr totally, thus i dont fly the fbw a320. Would really like to know If this can bei solved :slight_smile:


Who do I have to bribe around here to at least get a “feedback logged” applied

Guess that case is closed now anyway with iniBuilds A320 Neo v2 around the corner and available in Beta already. The modeling is magnificent, systems are way better than on the Asobo Neo and it’s a free aircraft joining the lineup:

The default Neo won’t be touched anyway I think - maybe only by the FlyByWire team but not officially.

That longtime issue seems to be fixed by the FBW Team in the latest Development Version - thanks for that and Happy Christmas to all :slight_smile:

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