Increase simulator rate

Has anyone tried i increasing simulator rate. Say it is “r” in the controls but this doesnt seems to do anything

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You can go into keyboard settings in your options and set the sim rate. I like to put decrease as “-” and increase as “=”. You’ll probably have to remap your increase or decrease zoom that are there by default.

So to increase, you would have to press r+"=" and to decrease sim rate it would be r+"-". You can search for it, just make sure to “show all” in the options at the top and not just the ones mapped already.

Thanks, how do you display current sim rate on the screen. That plus fps.

The R key is doing nothing, just bind sim rate +&- and you are good to go. Ignore R
There is no display for the sim rate yet. No I am not joking.

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If you have a timer on-board, you can look at that to get a feel of your sim rate. The navlog timer doesn’t go faster with the sim rate atm unfortunately.

I don’t think the rate shows like it did in older titles. luciusrexIII is correct in that you just have to look at a clock or your timer and gauge it.

For FPS, you can use developer mode in game, or use something FRAPS, GeForce Experience, etc.