Increase the brightness of night lights

May I ask you to increase the brightness of the ground at night, so that it will not feel too dark and will be more beautiful.

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Just like this picture

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Bad idea.
In real life, the ground is mostly darker than in the sim, so that would make it even less realistic…?

And in the picture, you cant see the ground due to all the buildings.
Maybe you’re asking for brighter buildings?


The brightness is realistic in my opinion. You can’t use a photo for comparison as its not an accurate representation of what you would see in real life.


I see, thank you.

Yes, maybe I mean the brightness of the building.

Msfs is too light at night imo. When you’re flying an airliner with some lightning from the panel sky should be close to pitch black. In the sim it’s very bright instead. Also the envirnoment lighting is too bright and lights are too big.

You’re picture is taken with a low shutter speed and high iso values to make the picture sharp and visible. Your eyes will never see it that bright, even when they’re used to the dark after a while. Ever driven at night on a non lit highway with a bright entertainment/navi display? It’s bloody awfull😅

Then I finally figured it out.

Also on your picture there seems to be either some haze or mist covering the city. This basically reflects the lightning from below making the whole image alot lighter. Just as snow can make it very bright outside at night.

Are you asking about the sim lighting (from street and building lights, etc.) or the aircraft lights? If it’s the later there is a mod called new light which helps with the light put out by aircraft.

My main issue with the lighting is that the taxi lights do almost nothing. Maybe that is the way it is IRL I don’t know as I’ve never taxied real plane at night (or day for that matter). Somehow how I think the real aircraft actually illuminate the runway to some degree not useless like in the sim.

I agree, this picture is an accurate representation of what I see during night in most cities (New York or Tokyo are exceptions in some areas), lights are not that bright from above, the sim does the job pretty well, maybe a little more blue filter when there is humidity in the air would be better, but overall… pretty good.


Aerial photos (or taken from the top of a building) of the ground are a really poor representation of what the eye actually sees. Camera sensors are far more sensitive to light than the human eye and see far more detail. Plus with extra gain, exposure time, etc, what you get as a pic isn’t a realistic view to the nake.d eye.

Comparing aerial night views in the sim to photos is very much the proverbial apples to oranges comparison.