Increased CTD's past 24 hours?

Is it just me or is anyone else experiencing random CTD’s for the past 24-48 hours? I’ve had 4 CTD’s in the past 24 hours. Prior to this, I have not had a CTD since SU4. What is up? Same settings, exact same setup.


I’m on the Xbox Series S (don’t hold it against me) and I’ve noticed that my CTDs happen more on a weekend than during the week, especially on Sunday. I don’t know if the servers are overloaded with folks who are trying to get some flying in on the weekends or not. Today I was at least 75% into a flight from Sacramento to Chicago in the A320, was starting my descent/arrival phase of the flight. All my panels went blank so I turned off the autopilot and was going to fly the rest of the way manually. Nope, that wasn’t good enough, got a CTD instead. I won’t risk doing anymore long flights, the jetliners seem to have a lot of issues that make no sense to me, but I also suspect that there might be a server overload on the weekends.

Never had any of these issues, but I wonder if its to do with scenery being cached from the internet? I’m on a PC and have a 250GB cache drive defined, but given some of the other posts I’ve read, it could be that the servers providing the scenery aren’t working properly and causing these crashes (in effect the sim is flying to fly to an area that it can’t get the scenery for?

Not happening in my case til now. Even a had a 14 hours flight with the B748 and without issues

i am getting continual ctd on return to flight from menus on pause. Cannot cure full re-install done. No add ons running . This has been like this since server outage last week .

I hope whatever is happening is resolved soon cuz I want to fly :frowning: CTD during a 4 hour flight this morning.

Yes (pc) i was also qurious

I was getting this too. Believe it or not, as long as I have moved my throttle once before clicking on return to flight, either in the menu or before I went to the menu in the first place, I don’t get this CTD anymore :crazy_face:

Good call will try that issue seems to be with my X52 pro flightsick will try tommorrow

its weird, guys, I’m playing on PC with like 100 addons in the community folder and I get a CTD maybe once every few days of playing.

Might be related to live traffic also coming back in the past 24hrs since it went down several days ago.

I myself haven’t CTD but am experiencing new stutters that weren’t there before.

I have to restart the Game like 5-8 times to get into the game and be able to fly.
Last week i couldnt play and i gave up trying 8-10 restarts. Three days ago i could start and fly for couple hours without any issues.Yesterday and today it is unplayable again not even able making it to stage of flying.

Sometimes it crashes during the loading screen, or while minimized, sometimes i make it to the world map and If im very lucky i can make it to the cockpit. If i make it this far then there it is basically a 50/50 chance to fly otherwise the game simply shuts down. But once i get to flying, it doesn’t crash.

I really never had issues in earlier stages of the game and have been here since Alpha 1. It got more and more unstable with every update, but the last two patches really messed everything up for me.

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Lousy patch. You can see instability on the beginning title screens. There’s flashing that wasn’t there before. I’m not having too many ctds but every third flight or so I get a freeze on the loading blue bar where I have to shut down and restart.

Ever since live traffic came back I can’t fly an airliner of any type from a busy airport with it on. Turn off the live traffic and no problem. If I have it on then I can’t even get airborne. This was not a problem a few days ago post hotfix.

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