Index and intermittent gray screens

Hi, just wondering if anybody has experienced any intermittent gray screens while in game. Seat position is shifted when you return to normal VR. Just wondering.


Yes I noticed those grey screens on my Index too, especially when I look suddenly to my sides, as if my headset lost tracking. Sometimes the grey screen would stick longer but I resolve it if I lift the headset of my head for a moment and put it back.

Gray screens is indicating the headset is no longer seeing the base stations. This can happen if you block the beam with your hands when adjusting the headset for example.

However if this reverts but with a shifted position, this means the base stations alignment changed and I’d suggest you review your base stations health, or whether your cat or anyone is not playing a trick on you in moving the base station while you’re in VR!

NB: LightHouse 1 requires they see each other, but LightHouse 2 don’t.


You might want to read this too:

We’ll soon find out. I have a new one on the way.


I’ve been shaking my head to get it back and I don’t even know if it’s helping or not, since most of the time it’s very brief.


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