INDEX worked fine, NOW.... Very bad

How can I get a great VR setup, finally get decent frame rates and such, shut the computer off, come back the next day and now its unflyable? Frame rates about 2 FPS, Stutters, flashing and a host of other garbage. I’ve tried…
nVidia 461.30 driver, 457.30 driver, 461.09 driver,
Updated STEAM, Reverted to NON-BETA Steam VR, reinstalled the latest BETA VR.
This is SO bad that I can’t even make changes to anything wile in VR. This is just mind boggling how much **** we have to go thru to try and get this running. Any suggestions?
System Specs:
Power Supply: Corsair RM850X
MB: MSI Gaming Pro Carbon
DUAL 2GB NVMe Drives. One in TURBO M.2 slot.
CPU: Intel i9-9900KF 3.60
RAM: 32GB Corsair RGB RAM (No O/C of RAM)
Windows 10 64
Res: 2560X1040 (144Hx)
Dual DELL S2716DG Monitors.
Onboard Audio.
XMP Active in BIOS

This is a total swag, but are your CPU & GPU fans all working correctly? Thermal throttling?

Hi JW: Thanks for the response. Yes, the fans all work great. Normal CPU temps and no indication of a GPU issue. I tried turning OFF XMP in the BIOS to no effect. With nothing being changed in MSFS, I can only assume that it is STEAM VR related however I did revert to a NON-BETA version to see the effect. No change.

That’s weird. My rig is fairly similar to yours, a bit weaker actually (2080 Super, i7) with Index and it is running great for me on the latest SteamVR beta & nVidia 461.40 driver.

If you’re saying it just started running crappy out of the blue, did anything else get installed that would be running in the background? Could it be that your video card went south? Is it working well in other games? You didn’t somehow end up with a bitcoin mining trojan running did you?

The main things that killed stuttering for me and made for an overall smooth experience were making sure HAGS & Windows game mode are disabled, no GPU monitoring software (MSI Afterburner, etc.) is running, setting the Index to 120 hz refresh and locking framerate to 30 seconds in SteamVR. It’s been running pretty consistently for me over the last couple of weeks now.

Your settings pretty much mimic mine. The HAGS and refresh rate are identical. Still experimenting here.

I just switched back to the 461.40 driver set and noticed no difference between the 457.30 and it. It is now better but still not fluid, especially looking to the side. Adjusted frame rates and everything else but still not smooth. Using new STEAM VR BETA

I was just about to post a similar thing.

I don’t know what happened but suddenly, as of the 8th of Feb, it’s unplayable with SteamVR.

Disclosure: I run a Reverb G2. I am on a i7-10700k and nVidia 3090. I normally run WMR. However, I’m experimenting with OVR Toolkit and doing VR overlays - which requires I use SteamVR. Performance on SteamVR is NOT as good as WMR… BUT… I did find it playable enough to where the benefits of having my VATSIM window open and my iPad mirroring open was worth the minor loss in performance.

But suddenly on 2/8 - Jitters EVERYWHERE. It’s not playable. I feel like I’m going to puke. I can sit perfectly still and the screen bounces around everywhere.

I thought it was due to OVR Toolkit since that took an update on the 7th and even filed a bug with those guys as that was the ONLY thing that changed. But I’ve since confirmed that even if I boot fresh and never open OVR Toolkit, VATSIM, or my iPad mirroring - it’s simply not playable with SteamVR.

And here’s the strange thing (that further confirms it’s not OVR Toolkit’s fault): While FS screen is jittering and having a seizure? The OVR windows are perfectly still, and nice and smooth if I move my head. It’s FS that’s jittering and jumping behind my virtual windows.

If I flip the runtime back to OpenXR and go back into VR? FS2020 is smooth as silk. (GAWD I love flying in WMR with this sim… makes me really feel like I’ve escaped my reality for a bit!)

I think there is some kind of bad interaction suddenly with FS2020 and SteamVR.

@OmniGLH I believe the topic is about the Valve Index though, not the Reverb G2 with SteamVR which seems delivering a lower experience in terms of fps or stuttering since official FS2020 VR release.

@RwpTurnip I’ve just had a blast with the Index and SteamVR (1.16.7) with motion smoothing. I’m not sure what I can tell you about the problem you’re having, but at least it doesn’t seem widespread nor related to the latest SteamVR update.

Uh thanks I’m aware

My point was that I’m experiencing the same sudden “worked yesterday, didn’t work today” issue, and since we are both using SteamVR I figured there’s a chance it might be relevant.

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It didn’t occur to me at first read, it makes sense now! sorry for this one!

Are you using beta SteamVR? Any updates to it recently?

Wondering how you can lock fps to 30 in SteamVR? I have a VivePro and can’t see where to do this? I’ve looked many times, so suspect it’s not possible with the Vive Pro. Just checking I’m not missing something?

You need to be running the SteamVR 1.16.x beta branch to get the setting. It should then appear at the bottom of the dialog for per-application video settings. Beyond that I don’t know if it is something that won’t appear for the Vive Pro.

Hey @CptLucky8 , how have you gotten past the visual artifacts in motion smoothing? I haven’t tried it in 1.16.7, but every time I’ve tried it before I just get too much distortion in the propeller and when looking to the sides to make it worth using. Did they fix it in 1.16.7?

I just use an aircraft without a front propeller :joy:

Just try this and let me know:

TAA 100 + SS 124
120Hz + Motion Smoothing / Fixed Rate 24fps / Prediction 25ms (or 144Hz with close to 24fps/25ms values)

If your system can’t keep up, lower TAA to 80 (all the other settings as in “My VR Settings - Index” but with Terrain LOD 100% instead of 50%)

This presumes you can render comfortably with some headroom at this rate. Try a not much demanding aircraft to get started (Longitude or C172 Analogue are working fine with me) over Hawaii or a flying in the ridges of the desert south of Dubai to get started.

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Lol! I’ll give it a try tonight. Thanks!

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Thank you so much! Thought I was on the beta (usually am) but for some reason it had reverted back. Switched over and it’s there. Looking forward to giving it a go.


Hey Cpt, When I’m reading your settings, I struggle with your callouts for the settings. In other words, I know where to set TAA but I want to verify what you mean by the others.
"“TAA 100 + SS 124"”
I assume this is in the FS2020 VR settings page. I set the Anti- Aliasing to TAA but which slider goes to 100? Is that the Render Scaling? Also which one is “SS 124”? I have no callout for Super Sampling.
In STEAMVR, I have the Refresh Rate at 120 and Motion smoothing ON. In the PER APP for MSFS2020. the Custom Res Multiplier is at 154%, Motion smoothing ENABLED, Throttle Behavior = FIXED, Frame Rate at 24 and Additional Predication at 25.00. The Propeller makes me wanna barf ! How do you get around that?

This is what I’m referring to as SS 124 → Res Multiplier 124%

NB: this is based on “My VR Settings - Index” discussion where I explain I set SteamVR global scaling to 100% manual, and only adjust per-app (in this case FS2020 to 124%). This gives about 2.2K x 2.4K pixels IIRC (not on the FS2020 system right now to give exact figures).

PS: I’ve found out 124% is having some nice aliasing/perf balance properties compared to 125,128 and a few others.

150% is not as effective as 200% visually either (you don’t pay the cost of 200% when using 150% but you barely benefit from any increase in clarity compared to 124%).

With 154% you’re paying a higher cost than necessary pixel wise, while also not benefiting from any aliasing property which helps enhancing some of the clarity!

But these are just my own personal observations and preferences.

I remember reading about the 100% setting in Global and that is where I have has it set for quite awhile. Right now, It seems good except the dang prop. Man, I cant look at it as it is BAD!