Indiafoxtecho M-346

This looks interesting. A twin engine trainer. A nice step up from the M339 and then on to more advanced fighters. :+1:

Just picked this up in the MS sale …nice little flier !
Need to find out why it wont get airborne until about 180 indicated …but thats for me to do!
Quick question …does anybody know if there is a way (add on?) to add the underwing stores as this was a market place purchase …I can’t even get the underwing fuel tanks!

Off the top of my head, add 350LBS to stations 3,4 and 5. You won’t see the tanks on the aircraft, well not that I noticed on Xbox anyway, but if you have the Fuel Page open on one of the the aircraft displays, you will see the tanks show up and then you can manage the fuel totals using the sims Weight and Balance menu.

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Many thanks …will have a play with that later!

Considering getting this or the Hawk T1. Can you enter your flight plan from one of the MFDs or is it always done in the world map and do custom waypoints show up?

Not sure about the flight plan …but if I had to choose, I would still go Hawk!


Would choose the Hawk as the M-346 has a quite unnatural (no mass, much too sudden and high roll rate, arcade style) flight model.

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Quite disappointed with both myself. Both aircraft look fantastic but are not fun to fly for me. They both lack in feeling at all realistic and pale in comparison with flying the far less expensive C-22J for example.

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C22 is great fun, really underrated, if it had an autopilot it’d be even better.

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The MB339 is also another good jet trainer to consider.