Indian Scenery

IF Asobo considering to provide a good India landscape scenery and good looking major airports as you have done with Japan and North America.

YUP also middle east need a lot of improvements


This is really needed because India has the most A320neos in the world and the default airports are really bad, for example Chennai is a really big airport but the terminal is missing.


Yes, India needs some improvements :wink:

The Gateway of India is not an appartement building, and the Howrah bridge is not a line …

Check World Update - India? for some impressions of reality and simulation.


India has a multitude of large metropolises like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, etc, each of which has a major international airport. Major gateway airports like Chhatrapathi Shivaji Airport (VABB) in Mumbai and Indira Gandhi Airport in Delhi (VIDP) are not modeled accurately, and many points of interest in such large cities are missing (eg. Sealink bridge in Mumbai, Rashtrapathi Bhavan in Delhi, UB City in Bangalore, Buddha statue of Hyderabad, and the Howrah bridge in Kolkata). India has the second largest population in the world, and some very interesting cities to visit! I’m sure many of us would relish flying through the elaborate temple skyline of Madurai or the historical fortresses and palaces of Jaipur and Udaipur. Requesting everyone interested to UPVOTE this topic so we can get Asobo’s attention on this matter!


Asobo sure has a lot on their plate. In the meantime I would suggest They have some Indian airports there!


Piecemeal improvements from freeware are not sufficient for a country as diverse and large as India. We need an official world update similar to the ones given to France, UK, and the US. Upvoting this wishlist item!

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Voted. India has as many people as Europe and North America combined. It fully deserves better representation.


India has as many people as Europe and North America combined.

I think that is part of the problem. They’re clearly starting from areas with the most players. While India has a very large population I don’t think (maybe I’m wrong) a lot of them play MSFS (judging by the low number of community created content). So the bang for buck factor for India is very low.


Maybe true, but Microsoft’s marketing experts know better than I do that the Indian economy, much like China’s, has a lucrative future. The Indian middle class alone is about 350 million people. We know that Microsoft is already eyeing India and has been for many years, so it’s just a matter of folding Flight Simulator into that future.

The better India’s scenery looks, the more Indian consumers will flock to it. (I support this for other South Asian countries too–including Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka, all of which are visually amazing destinations).

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I am surprised with so many IT Folks and development skills in India, there are no more than 2 or 3 developers contributing to this hobby. I also asked Matthias of Aerossoft, why they don’t develop pay ware airports for India and he said, it’s nearly impossible to get official photographs of Indian airports. But this should not stop Indians themselves to take photos and develop free wares of Chennai (Avinash has done Chennai as Freeware and it’s AMAZING) , Cochin, Trivandrum, Mangalore, Goa, Bangalore if not mega airports like Mumbai. Just like we have for Hyderabad VOHS (Pay ware quality) and New Delhi VIDP by Avinash who has done lots of India addons for x-Plane. We need more talented folks from India to come on board to fix the gap for MSFS.

As for ASOBO/MS improving India in MSFS, from their Q&A sessions, they are constantly working and would continue to work on areas provided they have source material available to acquire for their MSFS. IF there are no commercially accessible product for them, even if they want to, they would be unable to.


We should just put together an ad hoc recruiting team, to get some more Indian fans into MSFS. :slight_smile:


I too would like to see more updates on scenery and airports in India.


I highly doubt that they’re gonna do india anytime soon right now.

  1. youre right india has a big population but barely anyone plays a flight simulator in india.
  2. for highly detailed renditions of cities you need photogrametry data, which i dont think the government would give out

You’d be surprised. Not as many as in the US or many European countries, but certainly a lot more aspiring pilots and avgeeks than you think. Also, the only way to find out whether Asobo will consider it or can do it is to bring it up and try :slight_smile: If you never ask, you never know.


But not enough where it would make sense for asobo to invest in india. I mean when ever im flying around in india im lucky to see another player. besides PC gaming isnt really a thing in india. The player base just isnt there


Sounds like a growth market to me.

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I hope you guys have seen Avinash’s recent VOMM Chennai Intl Airport he released as yet another AMAZING Freeware.


of course, is installed already in my virtual Indian simflight heaven - shaabaash!
happy holi:-)

Instead of airports, my wishlist would be develop the city landmarks like bridges, temples, Gateway of India in Mumbai, goan churches and houses with sloping roofs etc One thing Asobo got right is the traffic pattern in India, in FSX it was right hand drive in countries like India and Australia too and that too only major highways were present