Inertial Separator Cessna Citation

How do you turn it off?

I can’t for the life of me find the button or switch that controls it anywhere!

Do they have one??

Turbofans don’t use inertial sep’s. They’re used by the reverse-flow PT6 variants in the different turboprop models. Post a screenshot of what you’re talking about please.

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Yes I should have taken a screenshot. Might be a bug in that case then, It comes up in the right MFD.

In the Citation, when you activate de-ice (if I recall correctly), you get the CAS message saying the Intertial Separator is on. I also was scratching my head over this one.


Yes it’s this! I thought for a second i was imagining things.

Must have been the Kingair or Caravan, the Citation does not have inertial separators. The PT-6 powered engines do.

To complicate matters, on the C208 the inertial separator is being called BYPASS and on the 350i, ENG ANTI-ICE.

Read above. It’s already been solved. The CAS message is indeed inertial separator whether that’s what it is or not.

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