Infinite cheking update?

No problem here. Italy

Its working now, thanks.

This has come up

Same here. The community folder is empty. Was working ok yestereday, now this.

There’s a good film about flying aeroplanes.

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Im at gate now, just settng up mcdu

I read this happened a week ago and a post said just wait , it will come online after about 10 minutes which it did apparently , but that was more like half an hour
, lets hope it stays on now

Confirmed. UK. Gone through the zendesk checklist. Started c1830Z.

It started last week. It was a matter of time that it spread worldwide. It will be funny to see what happens when we have MSFS + MSFS beta testing running together with FS2024 + FS2024 beta testing. I bet my pants we will still see explanations like it´s people addons, people´s sytems, your room temperature, Jupiter’s orbit, etc.