Inflight / Esc button to view settings / going back throttel and flaps go crazy

During flight when you hit Esc Botton to check settings or whatever.
When you return to flight, flaps are extended and the throttle is in idle position.
Did someone experience this behavior to ?

The same here

Same here but when I press the esc button then go back engine oil goes completely to zero then engines turn off I can’t turn it back on because the controls of the game is frozen

Similar issue with this. If you’re using tca quadrant, remove the default bindings that was prepared for the addon.

Hi @Neo4316 and thanks.
Just done. I created one tca profile for each plane I fly.
I just discovered that this is the default setting.
I hope that in the future could be possible to assign device settings for each plane and automagically select the plane without choose the proper device setting each time.

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