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It is possible that with a rtx 3060ti, i7 10700k and 32gb ram the lod must keep it at 100 so that in large airports such as jfk or cdg on the ground it does not have microstuttering? With lod 100, ground 38,39 fps in these airports, 55, 60 fps in the sky

Yes we’ve been discussing this problem hundreds of times ever since the game’s release, and alpha testers probably even before that. Another common cause of stuttering (in any game) is having your texture or render scale too high which consumes too much graphics memory.

I have mine set at 375 on a 3090. All good…

It’s not even a GPU problem… LOD problems are CPU bottlenecks.


Well, both, but mainly CPU. You do see the GPU take a hit with an increase though.


In the mood to be a pedant.


the rest all by default, obviously game mod and hags are disabled, and also the inter virtualization from the bios is disabled. the rest all default. Buildings, clouds, road, rivers, lakes, and ultra pre caching, the rest all up high. rolling cache enabled even though I have a good connection. I honestly thought I could push it more, or rather, at least with a lod at 150, but I noticed that this is fine only in normal airports, or directly on the runway in large airports, otherwise at the gate of large airports I have microstuttering
The game is installed on hdd

and these new topic is realy necesary ? You got the recommendations already here, and in general it sounds like a duplicate topic …

But again… yes… Higher tLOD settings ( 200 is Ultra ) and some time photogrammetry can cause in some situations ( in special the big airports ) currently a high load on CPU ( more exact one core ) and that may limit the fps. You can simple use the forum search functions ( LOD, tLOD, etc.) and you find the same answer hundred of times. ( You can check that by open the TaskManager-CPU-CoreDiagramm )

In generally it might be not a good idea to install MSFS on a ‘old’ HDD. Might work, but HDD and SSD are different “worlds” ( in special if you have the rolling cache also on the hdd, etc. ).

As mentioned we have some topics you can check and in which you find some ‘tweaks’. I also remember a good wish-topic about a “Automatic Dynamic LOD” which waits for Votes. But your 40fps is not a bad value on ground and usually 40fps is enough for your eyes, so simple disabled your fps counter and fly :wink:

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